Spending time away from Baby – Chapter 5

This might come a little premature for some people, but the first time Logan and I left our little Padawan to go to a movie we left her with her Baba (His Mom) and we went to a Mother’s Day lunch/dinner.

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Baby Feeding Part 2- Chapter 4

There is just so much to say about breast-feeding; to gather all the information into one place would be a momentous task and personally, I don’t feel too much like Hercules right now.

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Baby Feeding Part 1 – Chapter 3

When we took our prenatal class we personally found it to be a godsend. They had a lot of information that we already knew but they also had a lot of information we didn’t. For Logan it was a crash course, being an only child he doesn’t have any younger siblings like me that he watched being raised. My siblings are six and seven years younger than myself, so I do remember a lot of them being babies. He does have a lot of cousins but he wasn’t there every day to really understand what babies are like.

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Announcing it – Chapter 2

For some new Mom’s and old after the joy of finding out you are expecting the next big thing is telling everyone. Some people wait for a little bit to tell even the man in her life, if you have a big event you don’t want to take away focus from, and can keep it under wraps why not?!

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Ultrasounds and building excitement

Written on February 8, 2011

Sometimes the nesting instinct is driving you batty; but you simply can’t do anything about it. Either you’re moving soon like we are, or on bed rest, living with the In Laws or your own parents for the time being…whatever your reason it’s just not possible to get everything done right away. For me I had a 3D ultrasound that I was looking forward to that was making it even worst, I couldn’t really do anything at home and my house was starting to squeak it was so clean, the cats were going nuts because I couldn’t stop moving stuff around. I also can’t fix it with retail therapy as I am on medical leave and EI is slow to start working.

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Morning Sickness Horror stories


Written on January 20, 2011

Morning Sickness. So bad I had to write two blogs about it.

I remember the first day I found out I was pregnant it was actually because I started tossing my cookies. Maybe it’s because of the way I am when I’m sick; I’m a baby A and B; I don’t throw up! Okay so last time I went heavy drinking (About a year before we got pregnant; I’m not a drinker) I threw up all day the next day; made a bed in the bathroom and camped out. I never wanted to throw up again because that was so bad…but this… was worse. I threw up over myself more times then I care to say. Once driving to see my man I made it to his house four hours away then tossed…and tossed. I had Wendy’s… I haven’t had Wendy’s since. I found Dill Pickle chips did help a lot; and like I’ve said before lemonade was amazing; again thank you Sammy!

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Separation anxiety and a big move

Written on January 15, 2011 at 4:17 PM

For the first couple of months after finding out we were pregnant my man and I lived a good distance apart. It was manageable due mainly to the internet and cell phones – although be warned! Sometimes you can go WAY over your minutes even when you are trying to stay under the limit. We would talk on every one of his breaks, his lunch time and after work. My schedule was super flexible so he’d call and I’d answer; anything to get those couple of minutes with him. We did this before we found out so it wasn’t really anything too new. When we would both get home from work we would fire up the laptops and go on Skype together so we could see each other.

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