Life; Unexpected joys – Chapter 1

So; usually I let a title inspire me, or have the work inspire the title. But for this idea I have no title is coming to me, so for now, I don’t have a title for this segment which I hope will grow into a pretty big thing. This is also the first draft; so please bare with me and if you have any feedback please comment!

This series is for any and all new parents, although it will be a little more focused on Mom’s simply because I don’t know how the male mind works as well as I’d like to think. Although since pregnancy and childbirth is just as confusing for men as it is for women I will have some things address to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re totally prepared and were trying for a long time to conceive or if you’re sitting in your parent’s basement with your baby Mama/Daddy beside you if you’re going through pregnancy you have come to the right place. And for the record; when we first moved in together my awesome boyfriend and I were living at his Mom’s, in her basement. We will get more into that as time progresses though.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was over joyed and completely terrified. For privacy we will call my man … Logan. Logan and I hadn’t been together for very long, to be perfectly honest, we found out we were 8 weeks along and had been dating for 9. But we had been friends for over 3 year, and I had been head over heels for him since day one. I hadn’t been feeling very well and long story short, after waking up and throwing up I took that little test.

When taking a pregnancy test it is very important to follow the rules. First morning urine has the strongest amount of the hormone they use to test called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a glycoprotein that is secreted by the placenta shortly after fertilization. Fertilization of the egg doesn’t always take place the same day as conception and unless you were trying you wouldn’t think to test right away anyways, but the placenta beings forming after the fertilized egg sets up its nest in the woman’s uterus. This actually happens about six days after conception! We all knew those sperm and then egg had a long way to travel but still! That’s one long trip! That being said, if you are trying waiting six days would be a good minimum to go off of. The hCG levels double roughly every two days in a pregnant woman, so again if you are trying to get the most reliable result it would be best for you to wait two weeks to make 100% sure.

I took one test at home, but not having the information that comes in the box I was starting to panic even more. I recommend if you’re trying to conceive buying a two pack box; even if you’re like me and have a cycle that isn’t always consistent and not trying to get pregnant I would buy a two pack. Having one is good, but for me I like to double check. My cycle would sometimes skip a month or two making for a very stressed out girl, so I always kept a test on hand. Sometimes I wouldn’t believe the first test, so I’d take a second one the next day with my first trip to the rest room. The reason I didn’t have the instructions was because I had just moved and previously used one test, so, living with my Mom and family I sat down and waited. When the results came back on the test it didn’t have a quick version printed on the test itself, so I had to grab my laptop and search for the answer. I couldn’t believe it. Truth be told I didn’t believe it, and I didn’t have a backup test. So I did what any freaked out person living with their mother would do; at 7am I ran down stairs and woke her up, nearly shoving the test under her nose. Neither of us believed it, so I waited until my doctor’s office opened up and called them, explaining myself and getting the very first appointment I could, after getting another test taken and getting the results even as scared as I was I danced my way out of the office.

When you first get the news if you were not trying you may be scared, you might be worried and you might be like me and go into a major panic. But it will be okay. You are not alone; even if you don’t have a man in your life you’re not alone. You have a little baby growing inside of you, which is scary, yes, but you are in control, you are powerful and congratulations! You’re going to be a Mom!

Logan lived four hours away, we had been driving to see each other and get time together. With my job I had a little bit of lee way with times, so normally I would drive up after work on Friday and leave his house on Monday morning after he left for work and after I hung out chatting with his Mom. Who, by the way is very religious.

Most people have stories about how the cutely told their man about the upcoming baby, or how they told their parents. For me it was a bundle of nerves and I couldn’t hold it in. I ended up waiting until he was on his first break at work and told him then, looking back on it I really do wish I had told him in another way, some cute form and not while he was working. Because of the distance when we were both home we would Skype all night, sleeping with the laptops open beside us.

Logan was amazing about it all. He had never wanted kids before, and we had never discussed this happening, but I knew he didn’t really want them so I was very worried. I knew if he wasn’t ready he simply wouldn’t be ready and I knew it might come down to me being a single mom. Being raised by one I knew it was possible so if you are a young lady and the man you were with doesn’t want to be a Dad you can’t force him but it’s also not your fault. Sometimes things happen, I was using the pill, taking it every day at the same time without fail and yet we still got ourselves pregnant. It is up to every person to cover themselves, if he doesn’t want kids, he needs to protect himself by wearing a condom, and if the lady doesn’t then it is her job to be on the pill and make sure he is wearing one. I am allergic to latex but that doesn’t stop me from using them. I have the local drug store special order me non-latex but if you are in a larger city you shouldn’t have a problem finding them, it can be super embarrassing but so is going into the doctor for a STD test or a pregnancy test.

In the end Logan was thrilled and we started our journey into parenthood.


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