Morning Sickness; Further proof God is a man

Written on January 5, 2011

When I found out I was pregnant I was living with my Mom, Step Dad and teenaged sister, in a town roughly four hours away from my man. With my job it was easier for me to travel up to see him instead of him coming down; it allowed us more time together because I made my own hours. It was working out nicely; Skype at night…we had the laptops running literally all night so we could even sleep together in a sense. One of us could wake up and look over to the other as if we were laying next to each other. It made the distance bearable during the week and seemed to shorten it as well.

But when my morning sickness kicked in…well…I wished with all my might we lived closer; I wanted him to stroke my hair, tell me it was okay and just generally share in the ‘wonderful’ experience with me. It also made appointments lonely; my Mom came with me to my first ultrasound but I was alone for the prenatal’s, alone for everything in it while he was in another town on weekdays. The big ultrasound when I really got to see the baby for the first time I was ecstatic and heartbroken at the same time, I wanted him with me to see it; to hear the baby’s heartbeat and to share the moment we first got to see the baby. I spent the money on a disk for all the imaging. It was the ultrasound where they measure the distance in the neck to see if there is any risk of Downs’s syndrome and I was there for about an hour due to the little one not wanting to stay still. I walked out with over forty images and it was a great time to show off to family and friends what little Peanut looked like; so far. As a side note I would recommend getting the images if you can; for 25 dollars I had something to take home of the baby, at a time when I couldn’t yet feel her kicking or really see a difference in the belly. Seeing how Daddy wasn’t there it was also the best because we were able to share it.

My morning sickness reinforced my belief that God is a man; put it together…periods, high heels…morning sickness…it must be. (Obviously a joke so please no hate mail about it) I had it so bad one morning my Mom came up worried with some tea and crackers and said I might have the flu; when she had the three of us she didn’t have it nearly as bad. I still hate hearing that from almost every damn woman out there. Lucky for me I have a very good friend who shared in my despair and actually had it worst so I didn’t feel like a freak of nature. She helped me through it and I still thank her for it, without her tips I’d be completely lost and felt even more alone. I had to get a prescription for it; I was throwing up almost every half hour…maybe sooner. I lost weight rapidly when I first got pregnant and that’s not a good thing. When I started to take my pills though the world changed and I was actually able to keep food down. I kept a puke bucket in my car; beside the bed and on the couch. I didn’t go out if I didn’t have one handy…something I learned while working, one morning driving to work I actually puked all over myself because I couldn’t safely stop and grab my bucket. Simply put NOT PLEASANT. Unfortunately I didn’t do it only once; one day I actually stripped down outside of my car in the middle of winter and ran into the house nearly naked because it was EVERYWHERE.

The things no one tells you when you are thinking about having kids, or when you first become pregnant.

I found nothing really helped my morning sickness, ginger ale burns when it comes back up, especially burns the nose. Lemonade was more of a help as recommended by my good friend and its sweet on the way back up. Salt crackers like premium plus taste horrible when thrown up with nothing else in your stomach…so I found eating while still in bed didn’t help…but that prescription was a gift from God…maybe it is a woman after all…

The pills are pretty pricey but if you have good health care coverage you should be okay; if not they are about 1.50$ a pill in Alberta and I was getting them 100 at a time.

So if you are having a rough go with morning sickness take heart…it’s a hollow comfort but you’re not the only one; I’d actually recommend finding someone who went through its worst. If nothing else she will know some good advice, and be a good shoulder to lean on when things get rougher. Your man will try to comfort you; mine once when finding me a bucket looked at me and pouted, saying there was nothing good enough for me to puke into; if he could he would find me a crystal vase and I could use that. One of the sweetest things a man has ever said…but not much help.

AMy next entry will more than likely go more into dealing with separation; but I know I am one of the lucky ones. My man wasn’t in a camp setting; he wasn’t in the forces so we were able to see each other more often then some. Still I whole heartedly endorse Skype and think it’s a great tool for making the distance shorter in any situation.


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  1. Really enjoyed this update, how can I make is so that I receive an alert email every time you make a new post?

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