Morning Sickness Horror stories


Written on January 20, 2011

Morning Sickness. So bad I had to write two blogs about it.

I remember the first day I found out I was pregnant it was actually because I started tossing my cookies. Maybe it’s because of the way I am when I’m sick; I’m a baby A and B; I don’t throw up! Okay so last time I went heavy drinking (About a year before we got pregnant; I’m not a drinker) I threw up all day the next day; made a bed in the bathroom and camped out. I never wanted to throw up again because that was so bad…but this… was worse. I threw up over myself more times then I care to say. Once driving to see my man I made it to his house four hours away then tossed…and tossed. I had Wendy’s… I haven’t had Wendy’s since. I found Dill Pickle chips did help a lot; and like I’ve said before lemonade was amazing; again thank you Sammy!

When I was working for PlayStation Canada as a rep it was horrific. I was in my car for long periods of time and when I wasn’t I was in malls, Wal-Mart’s, Best Buys and other major stores talking to people…smelling people. I never want that type of assault on the senses again. I could smell things early on like Wolverine; once when working a store staff member was working with me and not to be rude; she was a clean lady…but she STUNK! I couldn’t take it! I was going nuts trying to keep my food down and stamina up. When working with my Boss one day she actually had to go get me a PowerAde because I was going to pass out.

At the same time I found myself in the Wal-Mart parking lot many times throwing up beside my car; or into my bucket with a bag for easy disposal. Broccoli is not fun to throw up! It smells!

When I didn’t have the prescription I had horrible stomach pressure; I would say pain but it almost wasn’t. It hurt like hell but it wasn’t really stomach pains; I was not worried about it at all; like looking back I probably should have been. It was more like throwing up too much and your stomach rejecting the idea of living. Clearly my stomach not cramps or uterus type pain.

I started to hate the smell of my car; I had gotten a new air freshener and it was too strong, but I couldn’t have the smell of puke in my car so it needed to stay. I started to dread even moving in the morning! Bagels with butter helped; I could eat them and not get sick, or hash brown patties.

So I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if you have bad morning sickness take heart! It is death warmed over sometimes and those woman who good heartedly tell you they never had it SUCK! We love them if they are friends or family but secretly we know…they are evil! That was my biggest complaint about talking to people about it; since I didn’t know too many pregnant woman at the time I wanted others thoughts at how to combat it…everyone told me they didn’t have it bad. Bah humbug to that!


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