Ultrasounds and building excitement

Written on February 8, 2011

Sometimes the nesting instinct is driving you batty; but you simply can’t do anything about it. Either you’re moving soon like we are, or on bed rest, living with the In Laws or your own parents for the time being…whatever your reason it’s just not possible to get everything done right away. For me I had a 3D ultrasound that I was looking forward to that was making it even worst, I couldn’t really do anything at home and my house was starting to squeak it was so clean, the cats were going nuts because I couldn’t stop moving stuff around. I also can’t fix it with retail therapy as I am on medical leave and EI is slow to start working.

I’m not sure if the 3D ultrasound actually made it better or worst; I feel like I can wait to meet her but at the same time I simply can’t wait!!! Daddy when asked said it made him more excited; which is awesome but he’s been so much more involved the last little while that it make it even better! Just the little things; making comments to the cats when they try to cuddle on me on my belly “Stop squishing my baby!” to the little kisses to the belly that melts my heart completely. Recently we turned down the TV when cuddling and he tried to hear the heartbeat; little girl kicked her Dad square in the head which was super cute, but he could hear her squishing and splashing around in there. I know he’s just as worried about being a good Dad as I am being a good Mom; but it’s the little things that prove just how awesome he will be.

With 86 days to go and a move happening slowly starting at the end of this week I feel like I have everything to do and yet nothing to do, like I’m waiting for it all to start but at the same time feel like I don’t have enough time to get the nursery painted, get the house cleaned and ready to move in (Never rent to friends.) and get ourselves comfortable. On the other hand I’m excited to start it all; it’s going to make time fly by so very, very fast since I’ll have something to do instead of hanging out at home, cleaning and essentially twiddling my thumbs.

I do find the best thing to do if you are getting driven crazy by hormones/nesting/anything really is to talk to a friend who knows what you are going through. Personally I’m lucky to have a good friend two weeks farther along them me; she’s helped me through so much I can’t begin to describe it all. From getting through the bad hormone moments and reassuring me I’m sane to bouncing ideas back and forth needing to know what to buy etc.


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