Spending time away from Baby – Chapter 5

This might come a little premature for some people, but the first time Logan and I left our little Padawan to go to a movie we left her with her Baba (His Mom) and we went to a Mother’s Day lunch/dinner.

The entire time we were both incredibly nervous and stressed out, but having time alone was so amazing! She was pretty young, just a few weeks, maybe not even that old! But the colic was taking over and our cute little perfect baby was becoming a screaming handful. Don’t get me wrong, I love her more than anything and it was a “fun” challenge, but even that couple of hours away left us both feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Next time we went to a movie, and it was easier, but still incredibly hard. It’s not because we don’t trust her, but as any parent will tell you being away from your child is a challenge. Since we were still doing only the breast I would feel more then uncomfortable with the entire experience, from leaving her to the engorgement it made it hard.

When the Padawan weaned herself off the breast when she started solids, we finally left her over night at her Baba’s. Prior to that we had gone to a family event and one of his family members was taking care of her six week old grandson overnight, for me I couldn’t believe it and it was actually something Baba mentioned. When I asked her about it Baba said “Well she trusts her Mom” and again, personally, even with any member of my family I couldn’t dream of leaving her over night at that age, and again since we were doing the breast… That comment hurt a lot, and after that we made the effort to try and give her the night.

Just for a bit of insight, when the Padawan was very young, we left her with her Baba at our house to get her RESP in order. Half way through we got a phone call from Baba near hysterical to come home now. Lucky for us our bank was in our small town so we were only 2 minutes away. Now Baba didn’t believe that she was colicky, and this was her first experience with it. We were gone for an hour and she cried the entire time, and when Baba called she was doing something we knew about, but we didn’t realize Baba didn’t. She would scream herself into a frenzy, and when she did that she would almost hold her breath in a silent scream. Baba was worried she wasn’t breathing and like I said we were used to it but she wasn’t. So if you are leaving your baby in anyone’s care and know they have an odd little habit like that (I held my breath every time she did my heart pounding) make sure to mention it!

After the family event we asked Baba to baby sit her for the night and her face lit up similar to when we told her we were expecting! That first night away from her we both went nuts. We had things to do and kept ourselves busy, Logan had spent a night away from her more than once when we went to visit family but for me this was a first! When she comes back from Baba’s house the first night is always rough, Baba babies her to no end, so she needs help to get to sleep again and to do anything. Sometimes I think its separation anxiety but others…

When first spending time away from the parents a baby will sob uncontrollably when you return, it’s not (like I thought) because they prefer the babysitter/family members, it’s because they missed you so much but didn’t understand the emotion, so when they see you they can release all that frustration and get the comfort from you and only you, that they want. The Padawan did it for the first few times, but after a while she understood we would always come back. I honestly don’t think she even notices that we are gone now! She has such an awesome time with Baba that when we show up she smiles, and unless Daddy or Mommy needs to cuddle she goes right back to what she is doing.

I found she doesn’t have bad separation anxiety any more when we leave her with Baba, or any one from my family because we have gotten her used to it young. She still has some problems with men, there are certain people who she sees and freaks out, no matter what. A few uncles and if she hasn’t seen her godfather in a while then she has a mini melt down when she sees him again. She loves all strangers at the seven month mark when we are out and about, and this is normally the time when babies start to get nervous and clingy but she isn’t at all which is a blessing! The only time she gets a little clingy is when she is teething which as any parent knows is the worst time ever! The Padawan has had teeth since she was two months old, and something that annoys me to no end is the “But She’s too young to have teeth!” Put a clean finger in her mouth and feel how sharp those little teeth are and tell me again she’s too young!

So on a side note – babies will do and grow things when they are ready, not when you want them to, not to any set schedule, if they want to or their bodies are ready to do something they will! Just because your first born didn’t have any teeth until ten months doesn’t mean your second won’t and vice versa!!! The Padawan’s teething over lapped the colic, and it drove me nuts, but I used the same brand for the colic and for teething, Boiron Cocyntal Baby Colic and Camilia Teething Relief drops. They are drinkable, sterile and unbreakable unit-doses. Each tube contains exactly the amount you need, and are Toxin-free – No anesthetic and no acetaminophen, with a Neutral taste, and also sugar-free, alcohol-free, without dyes or preservatives. I purchased mine from well.ca and also from the local pharmacy, they work fantastically and if the Padawan hadn’t had a good poop and was fussy I would give her a colic drop and she would have a good poop and feel better and be a lot less fussy.


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