Cold Lipstick’s Garden

Back in September 2011 I started my own work at home Mom business, and named it after my gamer tag, Cold Lipstick’s Garden.

The name is a little odd for some, but fits perfectly for me. I’ve been known as Cold Lipstick since I was in Jr, maybe High school. It came from a song, sitting in my best friends brother’s car, a line in a song came up “Your Lipstick is so cold” and since that night on, I’ve been Cold Lipstick, or Lips for short. My husband knew by simply that name for over a year before he actually found out my real name. I had to work to remember his actual name when we started dating rather then calling him by his own tag.

One part I love about the name is the Garden aspect. I am working on a new line, which will be under the name “Night Garden” or “The Night Garden”. It will focus on more adult products (get your mind out of the gutter!) since CLG is aimed at kids to toddlers.

My main product when I started was headbands, flowers, embellishments… Headbands in general to make your little one shine and stand out. My daughter was born with very little hair, and as we like more “boyish” outfits for her I always had people say to me “Oh what a cute boy!” which made me madder then a wet hen. I went looking for cute little headbands for her and couldn’t believe the price tag. $5-10 for a single headband??? Still not used to only getting maternity leave pay that just wasn’t right to me. As most know, I’m a crafter, so why the heck couldn’t I make my own??

That’s where it started…. And now my Garden grows beautiful flowers of all shapes and sizes, hats, diaper bags, wipe cases, diaper and wipe cases, leggings… I could go on! But best selling product is by far my Baltic Amber teething necklaces, which again was started because I wanted one for my daughter, but didn’t want to pay the $25-30 price tag. At first I didn’t tell my Polish Mother in law about it, thinking she’d call me a Vancouver Island Hippy and laugh. When she saw it on the Padawan she exclaimed “Oh! You got her a necklace just like mine!” I wanted to smack my head! If I would have spoken to her first I would have been able to get the beads for a better price, and in the end she gave me the necklace her Mom brought her from the old country! So now I have my own big, heirloom necklace I wear for fun since its so big, and wear my own handmade one around my wrist.

I am so proud of my Garden, and all it grows. Every day I plant a new seed and watch it grow I just simply swell with pride. Every time someone walks out of my house with a product I feel such a sense of accomplishment, but by far, the best feeling EVER is when I see someone, anyone, wearing something I have made by hand. Either hand stitching all the little extras, knotting the amber necklaces after each bead (that is 120 knots done by hand per necklace) or just pouring my creative soul into all I do.

My other favorite part of having my garden? Being able to bounce ideas off my artistic husband. He thinks of things I never would!



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