New project idea

I have a dream…

And in that dream every day I could craft, and then blog about the item I just made! But realistically it’ll never happen, there are simply not enough hours in the day! When I was a stay at home mom and not a work at home mom, I had so much free time. I never fully took advantage of it. My goodness when I was pregnant! I could have done so much!!!

But I think, like many other women, I am forgetting just how… Fun… Pregnancy was. Also how… Fun… The first, well, year of the Padawan’s life was. Free time? When she was kicking my bladder and trying to give herself a c-Section, or when she was in her crib screaming with colic? Yes… Sure… I could have gotten LOTS done.

I find, as a race, humans tend to either romanticize or vilify events. That time that girl made fun of your hair? I’m sure she wasn’t an evil medusa, brought to Earth to make your life hell, she was just a silly, immature little girl. That time your sweetheart in highschool gave you a cracker jack promise ring? He wasn’t the guy from Sixteen Candles, but he might as well have been Jake in your memory.

Free time is like that for me… The days when I could play my video games completely interruption free with Logan, the days when I could sleep until 2pm and not have a part of my heart in another house… Or feel completely, mind numbingly guilty. We are insanely fortunate that the Padawan’s Baba is always willing to take her, so we get to catch up on sleep once a weekend together usually. Or we do what most couples do and alternate between one of us sleeping in, and the other. Personally, my husband works long, long days during the week. Even though I “work” a 12 hour shift most days (first day home child arrives at 6:30am and the last one leaves 5:30pm to 6pm) I always try to make sure he gets Saturday morning to himself to sleep in. Then he let’s me have sunday, that is true partnership, and just one of the million little things that qualify him for worlds best dad and husband. (The roses he brought home for no reason yesterday sealed the nomination)
However even when we have the free-baby free time, it always goes to things we need to focus on. For me, one of my businesses, cleaning, or to be perfectly honest, sliding all the gaming I can into my day. Gaming in this house is a need by far. Both of us strive and survive off of it. It’s how we met. How we fell in love. How our world came together. Gaming has always been my escape, but since Logan and I got together it has been our escape together. Heck, for three years before we got together we would travel worlds unseen by mortal men and women together, back to back surrounded by the enemy. There is only one person I ever would want behind and beside me.

But I completely digress. This entire entry was supposed to be on my new project I would like to start! I have a dream… Where I could try out one craft a day and then blog about it, showing the world my crafty skillz that kill. In reality, for the lack of free time mentioned… I am hoping to do one blog entry a week on all the crafts I just completed. I am not sure if it will have tutorials, since I make these items mainly to sell, I don’t want to give away what makes Cold Lipstick’s Garden, the Garden! It’s up in the air… I have to make sure this will not affect my current projects/businesses, personal life… But maybe! Maybe! You can start seeing what I’ve done throughout the week here!


2 thoughts on “New project idea

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures in crafting 🙂

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