Summer Heat

Summer time! And the living is…. Hot!!

Logan, the Padawan and I live in a particular province that has deep, cold winters and blistering hot summers.

When I was young, I lived in a rain forest climate. We didn’t have extreme summers or winters. If it was -2•C that was freezing cold and the Island stopped, frozen in time and winter. I don’t remember ever having it get too hot that I couldn’t wear jeans. For me it was always too cool to wear shorts…I wore jeans 24/7!

Moving to this high and dry province from sea level made for a long adjustment process. Of course living in houses/apartments that got the heat for the entire day didn’t make it any better. I lived in the Cowboy town for four years, and moved around fairly often as a 18-22 year does. But again, every place I lived caught all the hot day sun, and had no breeze.

The cowboy city had chinooks, gods gift to flat landers if you ask me… Middle of winter, and it would be +20•C! Snow would melt, plants would bloom, and the pressure would split my head in two. It was always worth it however…. As I would catch just a little glimpse of what summer was like. In this province I live in shorts, it’s survival of the coolest, and while that has never been me in popularity, that is my goal come summer time!

What I didn’t know when moving to Mo-Town with Logan, is that up in the northern part of the province the summers are hotter, and the winter is exponentially brutal. Lucky me I was pregnant when I moved, so the winter didn’t seem so bad. Come February though I was 7 months pregnant and already dying of heat stroke. I was wearing as little as humanly possible and even sitting outside in the snow to try and cool off! Of course, that all changed when the Padawan was born, but not by much!

Last summer it was hotter then heck, but this year seems worse! We thought a summer baby would be great, she could get bigger and get stronger before the cold hit, but we didn’t factor in the heat! We slept in the basement a few times, baby snuggled between Mom and Dad.

This summer it has been brutal already, and it’s only July. The only thing that has saved us has been pools and water. We spend so much time when it isn’t tooooo hot, sitting in the baby splash park we got her for her birthday, or at Baba’s in a pool we bought at the end of last summer for CHEAP! The Padawan doesn’t like the splash park, having running water all the time makes it freezing cold and expensive to run. Add in the factor that we have to put it on our new grass (big no no in my books) I don’t like it. If anyone was to ask me what kind of pool to get I would suggest either a small blow up pool or those little plastic ones.

My all time favorite and what we are picking up this weekend, is a hard shell plastic pool. The plan is to put it on the concrete slabs where we keep the patio furniture and use a mosquito cloth for the stroller as a mesh cover to keep the ickys out. This way it can warm up through the day and not destroy our grass.

Cool baths if you can’t have a pool, and if possible converting the basement into a temporary play area or sleeping area those other then a pool, are my two biggest suggestions for any parent attempting to beat the heat. When the weather hits 35•C do whatever you can, milk ice cubes to suck on, safely of course, make your own Popsicles… Each Mom knows what makes her little prince or princess happy, go with it, feel it, keep you and yours as cool as cool can be!



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