Building a business

Recently we were approached to join in with a very lovely couple in working with them as a DS business. Now, myself, I have been running the Garden for a year in September, and my other businesses from January. With one, I am the president, CEO, major shareholder and every single thing in-between. I do all the marketing, publishing, selling, creating and clean up!

With the other I am a rep for a reputable company which happens to have a very in demand and amazing product. I’m not just saying that to sell, I truly believe in it which is a great asset.

My third, I actually found it the easiest. This sounds funny, but with it I marketed myself and provided a service that benefits entire families. Ask anyone who has needed to find a day care – if you don’t have the right one every single person suffers. So I interviewed people, not just for them to get to know me, but for me to understand them as well. Some people I did not accept simply because our parenting styles were too different, opposite worlds different and I am not going to confuse any kids by having two vastly different environments. The rules at my house are the same as the rules at home, so I had to make sure everyone would be happy.

Going through building the customer bases for all these businesses was a completely different process for each one. Each business offered services, but for different things. No one else can make my flowers the exact same way as me, they can make the same styles yes, but I try to add my own flair, or the customers requested flair, to each item. No one else has a product like my second business. Some come close but the differences out weigh the similarities.

The marketing was different for each as well, but some of my tips for anyone building a business/customer base are…

– build an online presence.
Facebook pages, websites, viral marketing is a fantastic way to gain attention you normally wouldn’t get. It allows you to expand your little bubble and gain customers you might not have thought of.

-have a marketable product.
If you have something completely new and different it can be hard to gain a consumer base, and if you have something that’s been around for awhile you have the same problem. Having a clear vision of how you want to market your product is key. Also knowing how to point out features of your product others might not notice is a huge boon to yourself.

-become active in your community.
Shop smart. Shop local. Help others and others will be willing to help you. Now, everyone and their aunt has a DS business. It is a choice to go to one rep over another. You might see one persons add but know your friend sells the same product, so you go to her. Even though she never mentioned her products she is your friend, and no matter what anyone says a person is more inclined to shop with someone they know. It’s trust. Plain and simple.

Shopping local is a huge focus in smaller communities. Personally I recently purchased a paper cutter. Pretty small product, you can find one at Wal Mart for $10. I knew my friend sells Close to my Heart however, so I asked her first to give me a price on one. It was a little more expensive, okay; a lot. But it’s the top of the line, fancy cutter and I feel like I helped a friend by purchasing it from her rather then a big box store. People like myself, depending on the item and frequency of purchase I will pay more, and wait for it to ship if I have to, if I can buy from a local lady. Being a business owner myself I know what a blessing little things like that can be.


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