Birthday Parties

As a parent, it’s inevitable… You and your child will be invites to two parties on the same day at the same time, at opposite ends of the city.

For example, my good friend’s sons birthday is on Sunday. She invited us a few weeks ago. The youngest at my day home’s birthday is also on Sunday. Across town. At the same time. However… His mom invited us about a month and a half ago. In order to avoid any hurt feelings I have come up with a foolproof rule of thumb to make sure no ones feelings get hurt and everything stays friendly. It’s so simple, it’s laughable.

First one to invite us, has us. It’s like booking an appointment with the … Okay doctors are bad for double booking, dentist. If you made the appointment months ago no one can come in and snake that away. It’s your appointment. Your day. To me it’s only fair! Truth be told DH mom invited me probably in May online, and with a paper invitation in June. It’s been sitting on my fridge as cute as can be forever, right beside my calendar so I can’t see it!

As bad as I feel, since my friend is always around for us, it’s the only way I could fairly think of dividing the day. The Padawan won’t survive two parties melt down free. We cant
travel from both parties and still be on time for the other. Of course I’ll still drop off her little mans birthday present! But I made an appointment and have to keep it. Although I feel even more guilty as I write!


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