Startling realization

As a woman, certain things happen that make me question religion, politics, the law, my own sanity and everything else in the world I can question.

….and in 13-14 years I will have to sit down with my daughter and explain…. Absorbency, why panties are so tiny and pads are so big, why the world hates her, and finally say to her “This is why Mommy gets so cranky”.

Onto my questions though, since I am in no way prepared to even think about THAT with the Padawan…

Why is it illegal to kill my husband/male friend/family member, when he looks me dead in the eye and says “Oh it can’t be that bad”. Any woman who has gone through child birth can remember the doctor/or whoever, saying to them – You’ll know when your in labour because you’ll feel period like cramps. They sure are right about that… But then they get worse, and for myself, last three days with seemingly no end in sight.

I’ve commended on how God must be a man before, when I wrote about morning sickness. I’m now fully sure this is the case as my husband relaxes as I die. Sure. You can argue that men suffer just the same as women, but this is only a recent event. Back in the old days, if a man wanted to avoid this monthly war on life, he left the cave, house or castle and didn’t look back until he got the all clear from whoever he trusted or hated, after he sent them back home to test the wife’s temper with mud on boots.

I want to be 30 years older right about now. Or the owner of whatever company sells the best pain medication people usually use right about now.


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