Profound and deep…

Life changes many times, we all know that. But when a few large changes happen at the same time I personally want to do a scared turtle and revert into my shell.

Not sure if anyone else does the same, but I’m a fairly inverted person, but a Gemini so that changes my own definition of it. When my paradigm starts to change I always fight it. I get comfortable in one place and 9 times out of 10 it’s a lateral move with a slight possibility of going up. The thing I have to remind myself is every shift is one step in the right direction. Everything in life needs the first step, and that’s usually the one people don’t take. They say you only regret the steps you don’t take, which is true, every step in any direction leads you down the path you should be going down. I don’t mean this in any religious sense, you decide your own fate, your choices dictate where you go in life. Everything you do moves you further down your road, the choice you made to go to that party instead of hanging out with friends, or the choice to move company’s, whatever the choice is no matter how small changes your life in its own little way. Maybe if you didn’t go to that party you wouldn’t meet your future spouse, but if you spent time with your friends you’d meet the persons friend, meaning you’d meet them later in life. If you didn’t change company’s you might not have gotten the title that help promote you or get you into a higher position.

When I was younger and first moved to the Cow Boy City I took a job at a little coffee place in a crappy mall. It was right beside a weld shop and I met my ex when he came in to the food court for lunch. If I had never met him, I would never have met Logan. Few days/weeks later I got a new job as a “Manager” at Pizza Hut where I met a fantastic lady I’m still friends with, and even though I was a glorified dish washer I had the title which got me a job in an office which in turn…. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Even down to the job I worked two days at influenced me to get the job with PlayStation. Hindsight of course is 20/20 and it’s interesting to look back and see the chain of events which led me to my current life.

Relationships are the same way, each one is a learning experience for the good and the bad. You might date a gorgeous hunk who should be legally brain dead and it makes you look at the geeky buddy of yours who has always been there, is cute but you never thought of that way. Until you realized you could actually hold a conversation with him and now understand how important that is to a relationship. Everyone has a type, and it can be a good or bad thing. Usually you hear after awhile “I always date assholes! Why can’t I find a nice guy??” well looking for a nice guy at a bar isn’t usually the way it works, but those are where the “hot” guys supposedly are. Typically the assholes hang out in bars all the time, where nice guys are there rarely. No one can spot the ass in a crowd of people… Sometimes it’s fairly obvious but others not so much!

That ex of yours who cheated on you? You now appreciate honesty and communication even more then before. Now when you find a straight and true person you will be so thankful for them, instead of assuming that’s the norm. The ex of yours who you fought with constantly? Now you appreciate the lack of drama and the “chill” guy.

Sadly you have to be burned to learn not to touch the fire. No one ever realizes what little impact each person has in another’s life. The people you associate with and your sphere of influence helps make the choices you make, and like I said, every choice has an impact. That’s why you hear people saying “I don’t want to associate myself with her drama” and people will cut others out because they are a negative person and drag the other down, or are a straight up bad influence.

Life is funny, but it’s dark joke funny. It has so many sides to it we don’t think of, and sometimes those sides are dark, gritty and right beside the light hearted sunshine. It’s fun and exciting then oh my goodness I need new pants scary.


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