When your baby is sick

When your baby is sick you will do anything to make them feel better. Recently The Padawan had a little incident to say the least.

Mommy and Daddy probably have taken it harder then she did. Daddy has gone into over protective mode, which makes sense! While Mommy… Has sort of shut down about it. Blocked out, didn’t happen. She’s okay. Move on. Still on the protective side, but you only get stronger with each event that happens. To me, this is the first of many, many more times to come of her being sick, in the hospital etc. when I think about how many times I myself was in the ER… I shudder.

Growing up in a small town with only one ambulance, when you got hurt it usually meant you went to the ER and it was more like an on call doctor at a walk in. We didn’t have a doctors office that I remember! But when a real emergency did happen the doctors both happened to be fishing… In the ocean… Unable to be hailed over the radio…. That’s also when I personally found out we only had one ambulance and it wasn’t big enough for two people.

When I lived on the other side, in civilization, it was no better. I went in more then my fair share. Not even counting the car accident! Looking back on it… My poor Mom, Nana and Granny! Since my Mom worked full time and was a single Mom for most of my life, my Granny used to take me to events and such. When the summer came, I lived with my Nana and Papa for the entire time back in our little town. I love it! Summer program, camping, riding bikes always and the cougar watches… City kids have muggers and we had cougar and bears! Only three times as dangerous…

Logan has had similar ER visits. His involved more blood, so I would think scarier!

Life has its bumps and bruises and we have to weigh each one. We can’t go bat shit crazy on each event or we will lose our ever loving minds. Do we freak out over each little incident or do we grow and move on, getting more prepare for the next event?

It’s hard to explain but if we only get more freaked out by each incident then one day our heads will explode. But I would still do anything in my power to make it go away for her. She didn’t seem to affected by the event, which made it easier. She did have periods of being a completely different kid, but they never lasted. Thank frigging Goodness!


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