People always say not to buy a pet with a boyfriend or girlfriend because if you split up, you’ll go through hell because one person gets the pet.

Recently our Godfather split with his long term, live out girlfriend. They had gotten a puppy around the same time The Padawan was born, and Bolt is 100% his dog, since they didn’t live together he obviously kept him.

But when my ex and I separated we had three pets between us. The first one was a cat he had for years before I came into the picture, Coleco, then we got another cat because I was super homesick and wanted, basically, a baby. We had a scare very early on and after being told I was pregnant and then I wasn’t, I wanted something to nurture. So we got NES. After my ex’s father past away we inherited the dog my ex and his step mom had bought together while he was living there. A beautiful, amazing Shar Pei named Sega. (Side note – three pets named after video game consoles. Had a fish, named him Commodore but the apartment heated up too hot one summer day and he boiled to death.)
We lived together as well making it harder. He wisked the dog away without even giving me a chance to say goodbye, but she went to his family in the country so maybe a good thing. I somehow, ended up with both cats, an arrangement I am actually happy with. Coleco is my baby, after The Padawan that is.

I miss my pup, I had that girl trained to do all sorts of things. She did tricks, stopped at the cross walk to look both ways, if it was raining or snowing she would stop on the mat inside to let you wipe her paws… Just in general the perfect dog. She had to be trained well since she was so darn big!! She was probably 80 or so pounds, and took me off my feet if she bolted, which did happen once or twice.

In the end we did have to surrender NES, my big fat awesome baby. She didn’t take to having The Padawan in the house, she sprayed even though she was fixed, and was mildly aggressive to the baby. Ironically she was the one I thought would be fine, although she never warmed up to Sega, Coleco is a BIG itch some times so I thought she would be the problem child in our family.

One day Logan and I will get a dog. A best friend for The Padawan, a best friend for us! Life just isn’t complete without a pet… And with Coleco hitting her ten year mark already we will have to go down the hard road one day of her leaving us. Until then I won’t consider getting another pet. Four people to take care of is hard, more so when they all eat different food and make different messes. Factor in training time for a pup and it’s a hard road to walk with a toddler I imagine… But some times I look at pictures of Sega and wish with all my might we had a dog. Remembering all the good times… I can’t wait for The Padawan to get the chance to have those kinds of memories.

The first dog is special though, so you want to get a good breed with a long lifespan for a child. One without a lot of care required (brushing etc) so they get to spend all the time playing, and not worrying about vet bills. Shar Pei’s are awesome yes, but come with so many health issues it’s not even funny. Tacking the eyes, many times if you have to, skin conditions… They get to be expensive and a family can’t always afford that. When I was dating with no kids, different story! Disposable income! But now… You pinch every penny and when a $300+ vet bill comes up… Well… It’s like the Simpson’s when Santa’s little helper got sick. A bad, bad scene.


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