Geek & Gamer Girl (Strong language)

I am a Geeky, Gamer Girl.
No I do not need you to help me out.
No I do not need you to clear my path.
I do not want you to “slow it down” for me.
No. I will not show you my boobs.
No. I do not want to see your dick.

While I’m no Olivia Wilde I am not Ugly Betty either, so I didn’t pick up games to “escape”.
No I don’t want to date you.
No I will not make you a sandwhich,
Get back in the kitchen, although I am quite a good cook.
I will not pretend like that shit don’t faze me, but I won’t be bullied out of my hobby because you can’t deal.

I will match you kill for kill.
Skill for skill.
I will beat you across every console,
Every game.
I will practice until carpel tunnel sets in once more,
Because I have to win.
I have to make sure boys still unsure of what to do with the thing between their legs think twice next time a girl comes into a room.
I have to be tough as nails,
Cold as ice and help prove…
Once and for all…

Anything you can do I can do better.
I can do anything, anything at all.
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Early morning thoughts

Recently I’ve been up early every morning, making sure the house is presentable and tidy to welcome the day home kids in. Today just so happened to be extra special early, so early that the kiddo went straight back to sleep when he got here. Continue reading

Tattoo’s and Pinterest

((Edited same day as published to add a bunch more at the end. The Padawan hit send))

I want to thank Pinterest for completely killing a few of my tattoo ideas. Ever since they updated the mobile app to have a category for tattoo’s I find myself on it every day, looking for ideas/inspiration to add to my growing tattoo collection.

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Putting others first

While I might be fairly young by numbers, I like to think I’ve already lived more then the majority of people my age. While that is a pretty pompous thing to say, when you look at girls (yes most of them are only girls) my age doing what they are, can you blame me for thinking that?

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