Traveling with a child

Well, here we are about to embark on another trip down to Cowboy City to visit my Mama and family. Sadly the Step Dad is at a funeral, so we wont see him, but the rest of them, siblings and Mom, will be home!

Factor in we get to see our future son in law and my best friend on Sunday and my life is complete!

However a four hour drive with a 15 month old is… Scary. I’ve driven alone whenever we go somewhere so I’m used to the hellish nightmare of a screaming child in the back seat and a Mommy who just wants to get her butt home. This time however we are driving with Logan and our new truck! That should be a very fun adventure, one I’m mildly excited about. The Padawan hasn’t slept yet today, fought her naps every step of the way and the dayhome was full, so I more or less let her stay up and play, tiring herself out for the trip. I pray to the car gods and parenting gods themselves that she sleeps the entire way there, no fuss, no issues, just a happy, happy baby. A girl can wish right?

Finding things to do in plus 27 is going to be interesting, I can only hope that the splash parks and anything else is either free or cheap as dirt. I’d love to head to the Zoo, but to take everyone it would be a very expensive day for sure. That we don’t want!

When we get back I’ll have to post a list of places that are either free or cheap, give a little review of the city I used to live in from a parents perspective.

Getting to see my family, my best friend Goldie and my other best friend who is pregnant… Like I said I’m as happy as a pig in poke! It might even cancel the drive out!


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