Rookie Mommy Mistake.

I’m still a fairly new Mom, after all, The Padawan is only 15 months old, we’ve barely scratched the parenting surface! But that is no excuse for the (funny) rookie mistake that occurred this morning.

If you’ve read a few of my earlier posts you know I watch kids during day. Today my little guy and The Padawan were playing and I smelt poop. Every parent or friend of a parent has that moment, so I changed The Padawan and the two of them kept going. But I still smelt poop! So I grabbed a potato chip from the open bag, ate it, still had it in my mouth and checked my little guys bum. Biggest mistake of my life! Put him back down and ran for the bathroom. After my breakfast made its reappearance I cleaned up and then changed his bum. I don’t know if it’s worse since he’s not mine, but that little man smells like an oyster shed on a hot summer day when the tides out!!! I should know! I worked at one for years!

So that’s my rookie mistake. First time it’s ever happened since our daughter was born, and since I’ve been watching kids. What’s yours?


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