Tattoo’s and Pinterest

((Edited same day as published to add a bunch more at the end. The Padawan hit send))

I want to thank Pinterest for completely killing a few of my tattoo ideas. Ever since they updated the mobile app to have a category for tattoo’s I find myself on it every day, looking for ideas/inspiration to add to my growing tattoo collection.

I currently have four, two on my left, two on my right. On both shoulders like badges of honor, on on my ankle and one on my…hip. A Blue Heron for my Grandpa with Calla lily’s around it for my Nana and it used to have a flower for each generation… I need to update that part… A Sacred heart for my Uncle who left us when I was a girl, a butterfly that says “The Butterflies know no shame” and some lettering.

My next for sure tattoo is going to be my daughters name written out in her writing, so unfortunately I need to have patience to get what I want. Something this lady isn’t known for. I have been kicking around the idea of getting a pair of blue lips for a long time, and one of my island. But both of those haven’t come out yet, and I’ve been thinking of them for years!

When you get a new tattoo the biggest thing you have to consider is “Will I still love it in five years?” and “Will I get embarrassed when I tell people what I got it for or what it means?” My butterfly was the first one I ever got, at 16 when my Nana bought it for my birthday. My best friend, at the time, designed it and I loved it! Two or three of my best friends from high school all have either the same or a similar design somewhere. Mine is on my left shoulder, but I’ve never really truly loved it. My artist didn’t follow my instructions really and got a little creative with the colors, so my red butterfly looks a little orange to me.

The next time I went under the gun I got two tattoo’s in one day, an hour apart. It was awesome, my good buddy/roommate got a large neck piece done to finish his neck off, I actually bought my ex a tattoo for his ribs, our other friend got a tattoo with a Poppy that read “Least I forget” to honor his time in Afghanistan. It was a pretty big deal for all of us, we all got tattoo’s that really meant something to each of us. My heron and my heart are two of my favorite and most important pieces, and it also helped having my siblings there with us. It meant so much to me!

My big idea from Pinterest was an anchor with “Refuse to sink” but lately… It’s damn near everywhere! I’ve seen it a million times on different bodies with different styles and… I will never ever get it anymore! It is way, way too common. The other issue with that is… Isn’t an anchor’s job to sink?

Maybe a better idea would be “Refuse to drift” … Now wait a second…. I really like that!! Always loyal to yourself, always loyal to your partner, always loyal to your family and always loyal to your own path in life.

Pinterest is amazing for bringing ideas together, but it destroys originality! Because everyone can see everyone else’s creative ideas, they become inspired by others to help an idea bloom that might not have come to fruition, but it also makes you feel amazingly, well, like I said, original. It’s hard to feel like one of a kind when twenty others had that idea first! Intellectual property goes out the door when you put it on the internet, something I realized when I put up my own crafts and three weeks later it felt like everyone and their dog was making the exact same thing I was, and 90% of the time I could trace it back to my first pin. Yay! But crap!

Crafts/tattoos… It doesn’t matter. Look at me! I wanted to take someone else’s idea and design and tweak it to make it mine and get it done until I saw the rest of the crowd wanted to do that as well. I already have two very “flash” feeling tattoos… By getting a butterfly you can assure yourself 75% of women who have a tattoo have the same animal. A sacred heart is an amazing piece of work, but a staple in any fan of Sailor Jerry or many nautical/sailor/pin up/50’s style fans. I always wanted a pirate style tattoo and at the Tattoo convention I fell in love with the work of a guy trained by Sailor Jerry himself. So without even planning it really I got my heart for my Uncle done. I have three tattoo’s I do not regret. My hip, Sacred Heart and my Blue Heron, and my heron is by far my personal, all time favorite.

A) I can see it
B) It means the absolute world to me
C) It’s absolutely gorgeous!

I get more compliments on it then any other tattoo! But because it is the most visible it can also be a tiny pain in the butt. Depending on the nylons I wear it looks funny, but it is still incredibly easy to hide or show off. Summer time it’s always visible, winter no one sees it unless I wanted them too.

You’d think, since I an a huge, huge tattoo person, my husband would be done up from head to toe. However Logan actually doesn’t even have a single tattoo!! His skin is as pure as driven snow, he was more of a piercing person. Hopefully our daughter takes the time to really pick a design. I would be completely fine with her getting any tattoo she wants, however I will not sign for a tattoo and hopefully Daddy won’t either, until she’s 18.


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