Geek & Gamer Girl (Strong language)

I am a Geeky, Gamer Girl.
No I do not need you to help me out.
No I do not need you to clear my path.
I do not want you to “slow it down” for me.
No. I will not show you my boobs.
No. I do not want to see your dick.

While I’m no Olivia Wilde I am not Ugly Betty either, so I didn’t pick up games to “escape”.
No I don’t want to date you.
No I will not make you a sandwhich,
Get back in the kitchen, although I am quite a good cook.
I will not pretend like that shit don’t faze me, but I won’t be bullied out of my hobby because you can’t deal.

I will match you kill for kill.
Skill for skill.
I will beat you across every console,
Every game.
I will practice until carpel tunnel sets in once more,
Because I have to win.
I have to make sure boys still unsure of what to do with the thing between their legs think twice next time a girl comes into a room.
I have to be tough as nails,
Cold as ice and help prove…
Once and for all…

Anything you can do I can do better.
I can do anything, anything at all.

No one, in any gender should be considered inferior in one aspect because of what chromosome they do or do not have. While that little… Oddity is for the gamer every other gamer knows to stay away from, the trolls… 99% of gamers are amazing people just trying to have a good time in another world. Relax and… Just relax.

I love being a gamer.
I love the majority of the gaming community. But watch out boys… And I call you boys because no matter what age you are, if you have to degrade someone based on sex you are no man. Cross this little witch and she’ll kill you. On whatever game you choose.


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