I love to bake.
I love to bake more then I love to eat what I bake… Which is probably how I am still alive!

When I was pregnant and on medical leave I probably baked a cake a day. At one point we had four cakes made and I had no interest in eating any of them so my poor husband had to take one (or four!) for the team.

My Mother in law is a fantastic cook and baker, and I’ve taken a lot of tips from her. (Jello pudding in cookies make them soft forever!!) I’ve also been lucky that my Great Granny would bake with me every day as a child, from fried bread which I introduced my Polish husband and family to, and is now called “Elven Bread”.
Yes. We are that geeky.

To everything else. I remember for my Mom’s 25th birthday I made her an Angel food cake from scratch all by myself. I was sooo proud of myself and it was a delicious cake.

Yesterday it started when my kiddo’s were all napping. Pretty soon they were all up, but Logan was home so he watched TV with the kids as I finished up.

Cake Truffles, chocolate fudge with vanilla icing mixed with the cake and chocolate chip coating.

Holy crap. They are the best thing I’ve ever made in my life. Only twice I have sat back in amazement and though “I made THAT?!?” first time, and reoccurring time, is with The Padawan. Second time was honestly last night! Those damn truffles… Wow.

Screw the cupcakes I made, those got decorated for the kids and went home with the parents.
The mini cakes either got eaten last night or disappeared.

But my chocolate balls… Wow.

My next goal is to make, pause for affect, big. Chocolate. Salty. Balls!

Sing it with me now!!!

Pictures of these will come, along with my chocolate robots, chocolate Lego men… The world is my chocolate-y oyster.

Hmmmm…. Would chocolate oysters look more like a certain body part? Yeah… My lust for chocolate just died a little on that note…

I don’t know where this entry is going. I’m just so excited to start working with more and more chocolate, thank goodness for my friend who reminded me how much fun it is!

Girl, if your reading this, you know who you are and I love you!


This is my VERY first cake truffle batch, the chocolate was a little thicker then it should have been… But HOT DAMN! They were good!


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