Cake Pops made easy!

I’ve managed to make two batches of the cake truffles/cake pops and holy mother of god…. It’s a good thing I made the lower fat ones.

They are so good it should be a sin to make more then a dozen of them. My second batch made 40, first batch I also made some cupcakes etc so I didn’t get nearly as many. Needless to say I’ve been giving them away to anyone who wants them!

First batch
Chocolate Fudge vanilla with a chocolate chip coating

I didn’t even count this batch since it was my first. I used a tiny pan and made a tiny cake, as per my favorite chocolate fudge recipe. Since it made a ton of mix though I made four mini cakes for my kids, six cupcakes and then the cake balls.

I don’t even know what to call them at this point, the first batch I was simply calling my Chocolate Balls. (Next time I make those ones I am going to dip them in a black chocolate again and add granulated sugar to make them look like Chocolate Salty Balls.)

They were simply a chocolatey fudge overload. I couldn’t eat too many that had been dipped because it was too rich for my blood. The balls themselves without the dip… Good lord I could eat those like candy! The only thing that saved me from beaching myself on the couch and eating the whole batch was when I froze them, to keep them fresh I didn’t take them out of the freezer and they hurt my teeth.

After the cake was baked and cooled slightly I crumbled it into a decent sized mixing bowl and mixed in the frosting. This time I just used a store bought tub, the small one, since all the frosting really does is act like a glue to hold everything together.

You want the cake to still be warm, but not too hot. I personally prefer the mixture to be a sticky, gooey mess to help everything bond and to make sure any crusty parts completely break down.

Right away roll the mixture into balls of whatever size you want. This batch I used a tablespoon to measure it out but found afterwords they were massively too big and simply didn’t work the way I wanted.

Dipping them was another pain in the butt with this batch. The chocolate chips didn’t melt into a smooth mixture so I added some milk and played with it, but it still wasn’t the way I wanted.

I used a fork, knife… Anything I thought could help and nothing really did.

Second Batch
Vanilla Chocolate

Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting!

Same as the first batch, I made a big ol vanilla cake using my Granny’s recipe.

Baked Vanilla Cake

This time I made the entire batch a massive cake and baked it all properly. I did wait longer to crumble it and because of that I had a bit of a crust along where the cake met pan. I also found it didn’t mix as well which I why I recommend it to be still fairly warm when you crumble it.

Crumbled Cake

Mixed cake crumbs and frosting

For this batch I used some lollipop sticks I had from last Halloween when I made my own chocolate and when it came to dipping… Well… That’s where things got fun!!!

Waiting in the freezer to harden!

I had gone to Bulk Barn and got four pounds of chocolate. Well… Just over. I had another project I was using the chocolate for, but only needed one colour for that one. While I was shopping I picked up some more chocolate molds, but that’s for another entry!

Now armed with red, blue and orange chocolate (I made Lego men with the green ones for a friend) I melted the chocolate in the microwave on defrost for 30 seconds at a time then stirred to make sure it didn’t bubble or burn. I didn’t want to have to add shortening or anything to the chocolate since I’m attempting to stay healthy since I knew I was going to end up eating probably 20 or more.

To dip this time it was simple, the sticks helped with everything (make sure to put them in before the balls go into the freezer!!) however I found since I made 40 some of them started to get too warm to dip (moving on sticks) while they waited. What I should have done was keep half in the freezer, dip half and move on.

To allow them to dry since I didn’t want a flat bottom I used a combination of my pasta strainer and Logan’s computers styrofoam holder when it was packed up. Who needs fancy holders?!? I don’t! … I wish I did… But I don’t NEED them. Just want them.

This batch was way better since I used chocolate wafers they were not as rich, and since I eyeballed the size I kept them smaller to make eating them easier and dipping easier.

I wish I got fancy and did chocolate designs on them, but I need something more reliable to hold them up and steady before I can safely do that.

You don’t need icing bags to use when decorating cakes or chocolate, I find it easier to use a ziplock bag and cut a corner off

I still have lots of chocolate, and lots of balls needing to be dipped. I also made some lip shaped chocolates with the blue, since I am Cold Lipstick after all.

Now EAT!


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  1. mydearbakes says:

    This is is nice, very lovely! =)

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