Afternoon Quickie

Just a quick afternoon delight!

Lunch time hit us and all the kids decided to cooperate and behave so I busted out the chocolate!

What I am going to do when they start to understand what I’m doing… That is going to be the killer!

Just to keep my hands busy while they ate I melted some red chocolate wafers in the microwave in a ziplock bag. Easiest way possible I think!!! At least when working with making chocolate with moulds.

I have been tossing around the idea of peanut butter filled chocolate since I bought this new mould and realized how much chocolate it required to make a full one! I can get chocolate’d out really quick, so my next plan was to make them with something to vary the taste and keep the cost down a bit. Plus, come on, who doesn’t like to play with chocolate?!

I poured the base layer of chocolate down and scooped in some peanut butter… It didn’t work out too well for me. I didn’t really think of how high the peanut butter would be out of the mould, figuring maybe it would melt it down. Might have, if the chocolate was super hot! Today was all about speed though, those little eyes looking at me when I melted the chocolate… They knew what I had, and started to get a little antsy.

It worked out that Logan came home for lunch so we sat with the kiddo’s and had our sandwich. When he had left and the littles let loose, I checked on the chocolate and realized… We had rice crispies! How freaking good would that be with peanut butter and chocolate!?

Since the chocolate had cooled to be pretty hard I was able to smooth out the peanut butter this time and then added a bit (perfect to me, maybe too much for others) of the crispies. It helped even out the peanut butter as well. Adding the top layer of chocolate was easy, and tapping it helped everything to settle in all the cracks and yummy crevasses.




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