End your stories a sentence sooner…

Is anyone else in the world like me?

When something bad happens how do you handle it? Do you stand strong and keep keeping on, or do you let the world crumble and sink into the abyss?

Before I had The Padawan I tended to be a runner when bad things happened. I’m sure you could delve deep into my mind and figure out why… It’s actually pretty simple but it wasn’t until I was older I made the connection to purposefully try to change that about myself. I had worked to change it before she was born, and I am so glad I did for her and for Logan.

I work harder when I’m angry, I have had bosses piss me off just to bring out the girl who would scrub those damnable bathrooms until they seriously shined.

I’m the type of person who will go out of my way to be in control of events, and when an event happens that I absolutely cannot control I go a little crazy.

My second biggest skill though… Is putting on a brave face and pretending like nothing is wrong and everything is going to be okay.

Just keep swimming right?

Oh… And my sheer unfiltered way of saying things. In one of my favorite TV shows the strong female lead who other then being a cyclops space captain is someone I can total relate to…. Once said to the other main character that he should always end his stories one sentence sooner. This is advice I can take to heart. People don’t like it when I say things like

“I would have totally loved to join you!! But my child had explosive poop and for everyone’s safety we decided to stay home.”

“I love that song! It reminds me of when my folks split and my Mom told me I reminded her of the kid from it!” -Re “Wonderful” by… No idea. Google it.

This entry has gotten massively off track, but the rambling point I was thinking of is how people deal with situations that have to be dealt with.

I wish I could embed one of my favorite songs,

The impression that I get
By the Mighty Might Bosstones

I want to quote the lyrics but I can’t pick just one part. Every part of that song is something I can understand. In my life I’ve had some pretty weird things come up that I’ve had to deal with, and how each person deals with something is usually completely different then what they think they would do. Over the years for myself I have found the best way to deal with things is to write. Write like no one will ever read it because that allows me to be raw and real. I write everything like no one will read it however because I write for myself. Sure having a reader or two is always awesome… But it’s my way I suppose.

My friend is currently going through something no person should ever have to go through. She asked me how I would deal with it… My first thought was to plug my ears and hum. The only reason I didn’t pat her on the hand and smile was because she is one of my best friends in the entire world, but I have no idea how I would handle what she is going through. To be perfectly honest I would probably either drink myself silly or run for the hills… Which drinking is doing. I can’t even realistically try and put myself in her shoes without crying.

All I can offer her is my support, my arms to hug her and the fact that even though we live so far away I will always be here for her. Always and forever because god I love that girl.


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