Morning quickie crepes!

Every morning I always used to make scrambled cheesy eggs. Simple, yummy and super healthy.

They help in so many ways it’s almost scary that I didn’t used to have them more often. For eye health, prevention of cataracts and so much more.
However, eggs can get boring and some days the littles aren’t that hungry.

So I’ve made a few different things for snack breakfasts and it’s all gone really well! Breakfast sushi, bacon fried rice… So today was actually very plain, but yummy!

2/3 cup of Milk
Vanilla to taste
Small amount of oil
2 eggs
1/2 cup of flour

From that simple, two second recipe you have endless possibilities!

Strawberry crepes, pudding crepes like Smitty’s, banana… The list is huge! Or you can take the easy way out like me today, and just have regular crepes… With or without a bit of maple sirup.



2 thoughts on “Morning quickie crepes!

  1. Mmmm, crepes! Thanks for sharing!

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