Adult style Mac attack! The quickie way

The Padawan hasn’t been eating well lately, at least at dinner time. So tonight I’m making something I KNOW she’ll eat… And Dad will too!

I’m writing this as it all cooks, so you know it’s an easy one.

Adult Mac and Cheese with Hot dogs

I love Mennonite style sausages from No Frills/Superstore… I’ve fried up one or two during the day just to eat it alone. They are a little expensive, about $8 for four, but holy mother are they delicious! They make a great upgrade from hot dogs with Mac and cheese, they are precooked and skinless. All I do is slice and fry.

For the cheese sauce I simply add butter to the pasta and mix the cheese. Most recipes call for getting all fancy but the name of the game is “Fed the toddler before we have a full Chernobyl incident.” Which means this has to be ready ASAP.

We ate it all so quick I couldn’t even grab a pic! It was the best one yet!!



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