Pregnancy Flashbacks

For the past two days my body has been doing the funky chicken. It can’t/won’t regulate it’s own temperature properly, and this morning when I woke up I had, I swear, a perfect body print in sweat on my side of the bed.

It reminds me of the glorious after birth time. Sweating like crazy to lose any remaining water weight, being both too hot and too cold at the same time (Wait, that was just me? Moving on…) and being uncomfortable in general. For the past two days my right arm will go frozen solid. Bumps and chilled to the point my teeth are chattering… But my left arm, and entire left side will be 100% perfect. It’s like my left side is looking at my right going… Really…?

Before starting my day I took the time to read a wonderful bloggers article over at Mommy Shorts (Every morning if I didn’t sleep in too long I like to lay in bed before all hell breaks loose and check my twitter feed, read a few blogs… ) and it made me think of all the pregnancy “Joys”. It wasn’t until after I got up I saw the body outline as well, so it’s like the gods are trying to make me remember it all.

First off, this time in 2010 I found out I was pregnant. It was September 9th, and the PlayStation Move was being set up in stores… Important to me, I was actually in stores setting up the display when I called Logan and told him the good news. I had been feeling off lately, but thought it was, honest to goodness, my future Mother in Laws cooking. Being lactose intolerant and eating a lot of food with cream and milk I thought that HAD to be it. Didn’t really think about the fact I was later then late. It’s actually happened in the past I would go two or three months without getting a visitor and then BAM hit by a mac truck of hormones. I’m one of the lucky ones who’s cycle follows the path drawn by a crazed circus clown.
On the 9th however I woke up, and ran to the bathroom.

Long story short, morning sickness is an absolute cow. I have more then one post about this… If I don’t make the point to not write about it… Every damn entry would be about the hell of morning sickness.

As usual however, I digress. Reading the article at Mommy Shorts, it got me thinking of all the comments I got when pregnant.

Nana (EVERY TIME I SAW HER) – Are you SURE your not having twins?

Yes Nana… I’m sure… But thanks for making me feel even bigger!!

Look at how big you are!

Your glowing!! (Yeah. That’s the oil my body decided to produce for the first time ever giving me a pizza face. What you actually see is the glow of the concealer I painted on today)

Your having a girl? Congrats! How does Daddy feel? (…Like he’s having a baby?)

But my favorite was at about 30 weeks… From my Mother in Law –
Do you really think you should be buying these things now? What if you lose the baby? (Seriously? Poor Logan was stuck in-between us at that exact moment as well… He’s such a strong man…)

Sure, I gained 100lbs… But The Padawan was born at 9lbs 4oz. I always knew I had good hips… Just didn’t know how good I suppose.

All I know, is I am happy to have been pregnant when I was. We concievd August Long weekend, so I missed the summer completely… A very small mercy brought to me by the god of childbirth. When I see a very pregnant woman right now I cringe a little… That woman had to survive the summer… 35•C with a very hot little bun in the oven. I gave birth in April… I had started to over heat in March when the weather started to get to be 5•C. I can’t imagine it being any hotter. I would have been in my basement with a frozen rag on a stick more then likely beating anyone with it who came near.

We only have one child… Remembering pregnancy and all that came with it… We might only ever have one child. If the husband does ever agree to another he better get me pregnant in the late summer or early summer. For his own sanity and safety.

I can’t imagine being pregnant, and very pregnant, potty training a little girl, running after all my kids, dealing with stinky diapers, working, living… When I was pregnant with The Padawan I was put on medical leave very early, so I really got to “enjoy” my pregnancy. Thank goodness for that as well, I can’t stress this enough but that little girl just took everything out of me.

If we lived 25-50 years ago I more then likely would not have survived my pregnancy or labour. It was all complications towards me and my health so I could rest assured that The Padawan would have been fine, but as I say to my MIL, poor Logan and her would have to battle my family and raise our little girl alone if it wasn’t for both my diligence and the great staff at our hospital and my doctor who finally decided to induce me rather then make me drive 30mins every day to the hospital to be checked up on.


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