Short list of Cake Bawl tips

This is just a quick little list of tips for making cake bawls from what I’ve learned so far!

Keep in mind I’ve made 13 1/2 dozen of these suckers but that in no way makes me an expert.

Your chocolate will crack

If your cake bawls are too cold when you dip them in your chocolate the chocolate will then crack.
Personally I am way too busy to do everything at once, so I usually make the bawls and then dip them a few hours or a day/maybe more after. Since some of them cracked and some didn’t I couldn’t figure it out… But what was happening was the ones I did first were too cold and cracked, while the ones I did later on had warmed up as they sat out waiting for me to dip them. This is a catch 22. If the cake bawls are too cold, the chocolate will crack. If they are too warm though they won’t stay on the stick.

Chocolate Chips = No

That is for me at least… With chocolate chips you have to add oil, or milk or some sort of liquid. Maybe it’s because they are not tempered but I find them to be a pain… Too rich, not smooth, pain in the butt to work with…

Chocolate thickness
If you want thick chocolate, use chocolate that is a little cooler… For a thin coating use hotter chocolate. I’ll explain more…

Have a constant heat source

If you are making a lot of these you’ll notice this right away. Chocolate solidifies when it cools, universal knowledge. That means the first ones you make will be thinner then the subsequent bawls. As you keep going the chocolate will harden completely and you will have to reheat it all.

I melt my chocolate in the microwave on defrost stirring ever 30 seconds to make sure it doesn’t boil. (It’ll get all hard and crunchie and you’ll have wasted it all) Just like when your cooking lower heat is always preferred to make sure everything is smooth and uniform. I have a few ideas to fix this issue personally, so when I dip the next 4 1/2 dozen I just finished rolling I’ll let you all know what worked best!

Dipping is easier when…
You make cake pops instead of cake bawls. The difference? Sticks. I also find it easier to eat them with a stick because you can nibble…

Smaller is better
Everyone always thinks bigger is better but when it comes to these guys it’s easier to dip, eat and enjoy when they are smaller. This might just be me, but I don’t want to chocolate myself out on one, I want to enjoy it and have more (Haha!) and if I’m eating these at any sort of function smaller is better.


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