Dipping chocolate quick tips

Very quick tip when dipping chocolate…

I’ve found two ways to do it but both have advantages and disadvantages.

Use a skinny cup if you have sticks in your cake bawls, let it get covered completely and then take it up. Roll it on its side letting the chocolate settle evenly. Do it slowly, if you go too fast it’ll spray out and if you do it too slow it’ll just drip down.

Or try spinning it quickly while still in the cup so it sprays off the sides and making almost a crown. When you have your desired thickness or thinness dip it back in the chocolate and twirl it gently while it’s still dipped, making a DQ like topper. Then when it all looks good and your happy with it put it down on the cookie try lined with wax paper.

I really like a taller skinny cup to dip in. It might take the chocolate a little longer to melt but it’s easier to work with.

My cake pops look like lollipops when I’m done with them now. You can clearly see a line where the chocolate came down and I love it!! My next project is to (seriously) rig up a hanging rack in my freezer to hang them to dry so they don’t have a flat top. I NEED a cake pop holder for my cake bawls… They aren’t that expensive and would make my life so much easier…


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