Weddings are scary.

So recently my Mother in law sat us down and asked us how many people we planned on having at our wedding.

Logan and I are not actually married yet, but since we have a beautiful baby hell spawn and live in a small town full of church going judgmental people we refer to each other as husband and wife, we also have wedding bands he got me for my birthday which I LOVE! No other way to say it without sounding like a 15 year old, but they are commitment rings and “Stay the hell away he/she is MINE” rings.

So of course there we are sitting at dinner, I just got back from visiting my Mom’s and totally thought she was going to give us shit for something… But no… She wants to start planning our wedding. First thing out of my mouth was…
“…well… I’m kinda waiting for him to ask…” which she, adorably waved off.

I have put a lot of thought into our wedding but stopped planning it since I needed some of Logan’s input… Like how many guests he wanted, where he wanted to get married and so on.

So far, the more details I plan out the better I’ve decided it will be. This way when Mrs. Mom wants to plan things I can say its done, or I know exactly how I want it and how to do it the most inexpensive way… Did I mention she put her foot down about her and my family footing the bill? Awesome yes… But it will never happen on my side. That actually brings up something I’ve always tried to avoid… My siblings ate graduating this year and last year so I told her my family is saving up for college… When I personally had to pay for my own education and eventually had to put it on permanent hold due to the costs. So no wedding help for me, and no educational help… But the siblings … Let’s not finish that thought and just pretend that we didn’t notice that…

First things first I figured I would write up a list of the people I truly wanted to be in attendance at our wedding… So much easier said then done!!!

I have three Dads. One bio and two step. My biological father I would invite out of guilt. He might be a complete and utter screw up, but he’s my screw up and I will never give up on him… Even when I should. Then I have to invite his wife… Long story short I don’t want her anywhere near anything.

Second step dad, siblings father would not be invited. Cut and dry.

Mom’s current boyfriend and all around great guy, would be more then welcome of course!! … So hopefully the Dad’s could be civil! They have never met in my knowledge and I know the first and second don’t get along at all.

I bring up the Daddy Drama for one reason…

Every girl apparently dreams of her Dad walking her down the aisle. For me it’s more of a nightmare. It’s a high point of honor to give a bride away… Something my Dad hasn’t earned, but something I wouldn’t want to ask the Step Dad to do with my Dad in attendance.

Apparently the Father Daughter dance is super important as well. Again for me it’s more of a nightmare. Last time, when I was at my Father figures wedding I ended up having to leave and get a drink during the dance. He was dancing with his daughter… My Papa was dancing with my Mom, my sister was dancing with the Step Dad and my Army Uncle was getting a drink and talking with his friends so I didn’t want to bother him.

How do you pick one person to represent a Father figure when you’ve had three important men in your life fill in that position? Four when you add in the past 12 years worth of the Step Dad being a main stay in my life.

Then… Add in a brother and a cousin who could fit the bill… Jeesh. Maybe I’ll just get my Mom to do it….

Can you imagine that’s all stemming from just making up a GUEST LIST?

….maybe we will elope…

*Foot note*

My mother in law has already seemingly got all the Aunt’s and other family members on board with making all the food… So turkey and perogies it is! When I mentioned how I would get my Islander Family to bring out all the seafood they could, it was met with a “Maybe… For a snack…”

Music will be Ukrainian and Polish records played on her record player and the venue is her house with the dance floor as her basement.

Yeah. We might have to elope since I can’t say no to that woman…I just love her so much and she goes so far out of her way for us I hate to say I don’t like her ideas. I respect her feelings to maybe a fault… I’d rather do without then make her feel bad… But it’s MY wedding and LOGAN’S wedding… She had hers…


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