Hipsters are destroying my childhood…

Random thought of the day, other then Pinterest has been taken over by hipsters…

I have four tattoos, none are very large in my opinion, about an hour under the gun each… Besides my small little guy who took 15 minutes.

Logan doesn’t have any tattoos, and while I used to be actually turned off by that, when I first met him I had spent three years getting to know him so he could have been 400lbs and 5’1″. I still would have loved him. Lucky for me… He’s about 130lbs and 5’11”.

We went to a friends birthday on Saturday, it happened to be the night UFC was on and so the little bar was stuffed to the gills with big thick muscle bound tattoo’d up guys looking for a fight wearing that god awful tap out crap. Since we don’t go out that often, at least to a bar, I started to get more then a little nervous around all the people in attendance. To put it bluntly Logan and I were so far out of our element you might as well have put us on another planet.

You put the über geek Guild Wars 2 playing, anime loving, watches documentaries for fun couple in with… Well… Meat heads. Even if all the people who were in attendance do not normally act or dress like they did on Saturday it still was like crash landing on another planet. 90% of the girls had short skirts and tight tops on with the nips pretty much poking you in the eyes… Then you have me… In my jeans… Doctor Who and Star Wars cross over shirt… And a controller hoodie.

Besides getting completely undressed with the bouncers eyes more then once (What IS IT with bouncers!?!?! I’ve got stories…)

We had an awesome time. It made me realize however, and this is where my random thought comes back into play…

Logan doesn’t have any tattoos. He hasn’t taken that plunge. He is probably the only person I know, other then his Mom, who doesn’t have any ink, and has no intention of getting any.
It feels now, that everyone and their dog has some ink. It’s awesome how main stream it has become…

I can’t even type that out… I lie. I personally HATE how everything I love has become so accepted by the masses. Yes it means more of it will be made, but then it wont be the same.

For instance…
I have been a Joss Whedon fan since I started paying attention to actors and directors. Buffy the Vampire Slayer… I was the perfect age for it to shape my childhood and preteen years. That means Angel was right up my alley as well… Even more when Buffy ended and James Marsters went over to Angel. I watched Firefly when it was on the air. I watched Dollhouse just to support Joss so he might have something NOT GET axed.

Now he is massively successful and I am so happy and proud for him, it’s about BLOODY TIME!

This ties into my next gripe so bare with me.

I have loved Comics and comic related things since elementary. I am the only girl I know who was reading comics instead of playing with Barbies.

When I was young, it was a “silly interest” other people made fun of me and teased me mercilessly.

I guess that’s my entire rant about all my great loves becoming popular. The people who used to look down at me and others like me now think its sooooo cool… Did you hear about this? Did you see that? Oh man, I loved it before it was cool! I hear them say… And I seriously want to smack them.

Bandwagon hoppers. I sure do hate them.

It’s a double edged sword. Joss Whedon is a fantastic director who hasn’t seemed to lost his way with the newfound popularity of his work. They sure won’t cancel Avengers!! His commercial success ensures us we get “Much Ado about nothing” picked up, maybe even he’ll revisit Miranda and Mal can fly once more… But we risk losing a visionary who plays by his own rules and is more like one of his own characters then a real man. What happens if he starts to care his work might get the axe? What happens when he and others like him turn into James Cameron or… Michael Bay…

Oh dear god I just scared myself…


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