Another morning, another quickie crepe day!


Coconut crepes! Purple coconut crepes to be precise! Although I’ll be honest so far the purple part isn’t really shining through!

I don’t use anything to flip my crepes, I actually find it easier to flip them. That’s just me, but one part of why I love to make these suckers… One less dish to wash!!

I don’t have a small enough pan to suit my needs with crepes and I hate having cracked edges, so mine are more like mini different pancakes. The kids don’t seem to care after I roughly fold them, berry them up and then cut it all up together, so I think I’m good. That’s the nice part about cooking for kids…your presentation doesn’t have to be spot on for them to still love it and think its the coolest thing ever.

When serving to adults I do roll them up properly and serve them all fancy, I try to have vanilla pudding on hand just for the rare occasion an adult eats my food. One more reason I like crepes is that they are finger food. You can have them plain and just munch on them, and since (for me with my current pan) I make three crepes per batch life is good… Days like today that means my little army man gets one, The Padawan gets one and Mama gets one! Whoo Hoo for getting to eat the food you cook!!



This is before any thing was added so they are the “raw” crepes with no fixings. Since I just watched a plate take a tumble… This entry has to end!


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