I’m having a dangerous affair

I’ve recently been having a dangerous affair with

Milk. We dated before high school and everything was cool… but things change, people changed; and we were not immune. You wouldn’t think milk was bad for you, and I won’t get into how cows milk was not intended for humans, how our bodies are not naturally designed to handle it.

For those of us who are lactose intolerant life can quite simply suck sometimes. I have a Polish mother in law who makes the best mashed potatoes ever, but I have to really hold back. Did you know Polish cuisine is (seemingly) milk or creme based?

…I didn’t either.

For the first few months I knew her closely I was pregnant, and before we knew about it I actually thought it was her cooking. I thought my nausea and everything was my lactose intolerance going freaking crazy. While pregnant it disappeared and I had a full on love affair with dairy and dairy related products. I ate yogurt, I ate cheese by the handful, milk… I could drink it by the gallon. I hoped and dreamed that this would last forever, that my intolerance was gone as quickly as it came… Ironically it first showed up in high school and I thought I was pregnant.

After our Padawan was born it came back in full force, one night after I ate way too much mashed potatoes I had to run, promoting my Mother in law to ask Logan if I was pregnant again.

I have since gone back to my no milk ways, but sometimes… I cheat. For a little bit of that creamy goodness I take a quick sip of the daughters milk, steal a tiny bit of cheese as I bake… Just sneak in some milk time whenever I can. I do use lactose free milk, prices vary but my brand is the same price for a 2lt as a normal 4lt.

My husband doesn’t like the taste of my milk, it’s a little sweeter then normal milk. I don’t care honestly, if I can drink milk again I don’t mind it to be slightly sweeter. It has a longer shelf life then normal milk by about a week, so while I don’t drink a lot of milk 24/7 it has never expired. I bake with it, cook with it, when the kids milk runs out I use my own and they don’t notice, never had an issue with anything turning out odd. So far the husband hasn’t ever noticed, and unless he reads this entry he probably never will. While our house doesn’t subscribe to “Don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to food he doesn’t care what’s in it as long as it’s warm and yummy. Lucky me the only thing he won’t eat/try is fish… Being an Islander it does really bug me, but I don’t mind making him up a nice, fat, juicy steak while I enjoy a nice, big, fat stack of shrimp and scallops or fish sent to me from my family.

Milk doesn’t have to be cut out of your life if your lactose intolerant. You just have to know your body, know your limits and how to get around it because milk is the best source of calcium and an excellent source of vitamins A, D, E and K.


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