Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation fundraiser

It seems fitting that this month I started to plan another trade show for Christmas with all proceeds going to The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation. For those of you that do not know, Jessica was a local Mom of three who lived through domestic violence for years before her common law husband took her life while their three kids were in the house. Her death shattered her family, friends and our community. I personally did not know Jessica, but my husband knew them and the majority of my friends were very close with her.

Our local area does not have a single woman’s shelter, and the JMMF is currently raising money to build one locally, so other women do not have to go through what Jessica did, and so other children do not have to lose both their Mom and Dad in such a fashion.

When I was young my Mom, siblings and I left home in the middle of the night and drove to my Grandparents house. They got us a hotel halfway since the drive was such a long one, but I do think now that I’m older, what would have happened to us if my grandparents didn’t live near by? Where would we have gone if we didn’t have family near by? What about women who can’t go to their family?

Where would my daughter go to escape if she had to and Logan and I lived too far away for her to get to us safely? More often then not domestic violence sufferers are purposefully cut off from family and friends, distanced from the world as the abuser takes control so they have no where to go. Some families might even turn a blind eye to it because its “common” in some places/cultures/families.

Every person deserves a safe place and a full belly.

So on December 8th I will be putting on another trade show with all benefits going to the JMMF and will be taking donations for the local food bank.

I started writing this entry with the thoughts of making it flow, having it be creative and beautiful, but I have very effectively depressed myself, and the only way I can think of making myself feel better is working hard to help support the foundation, and help out my community. Facts sometimes speak loudly, and the fact of the matter is we need a shelter in this area. We need a safe place for people to go.


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