Lacking inspiration – in no way inspirational

Sometimes I get the bug to write, but my brain doesn’t want to cooperate.
I have the idea but its just out of reach. The words don’t flow quite like they used to and maybe it’s just a lack of practice or sheer laziness. With this blog I’ve been trying to help improve my skills and just have fun, sometimes things work out very well, other times it just seems like random thoughts strewn together with no clear path.

I like to write with a pen and paper, feeling the paper under my hand and the transfer of ink or graphite… It feels different then when you type on the computer or on a phone (which I how I do the majority of my blogging) and that’s when my hand takes over and just writes for me. It’s like my muse helps me, she takes my hand and guides my words. Writing on paper has more permanence as well, if an EMP blast ever hits or a sunspot causes damage all information on the Internet will come crashing down and no matter how many flash drive saves, back ups and disks you have of your files they will be gone forever. The written word will hopefully never die, we are still finding more and more records of ancient writings from Earth’s past. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Rosetta Stone, the story of Beowulf…

Again I lost my train of thought and got off topic.

Trying to write even now is like hitting my head on a brick wall. I want to write. I am physically capable of writing but I lack inspiration.


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