Quickie lunch – Baba Pasta

Written a while back but the upload failed?

To continue on my uninspired (although a friend sent me some stuff that helped!!) days I couldn’t figure out what to make the two kids for lunch. When I am watching more of them I find it easier to feed them, do you enjoy cooking for just yourself? I don’t. With two kids its like I’m cooking for two adults… And one doesn’t eat jack.

Recently my Mother in law gave me her pasta recipe that is my person favorite. When she told me I almost died! It’s only two ingredients!

Fine bread crumbs
Parmesan cheese

That’s it! You just mix it in to taste and go! She adds all sorts of stuff depending on what else we are having, so today I added garlic and I’m going to top the whole mess with cheese. I’m not sure what to call it so I’m just going to call this one Baba Pasta… Credit where credit is due of course!

Today we are having blue noodles, so visually it should be interesting!


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