Lunch with Lips – 25 minute breakfast

The jury is out since these are still in the oven but we had a little extra time so after killing some on Pinterest I found these!

Eggies in a blanket I’ve decided to call them, simple, no mess and relatively quick!! You can also make a bunch ahead of time and have them every morning on your way out the door!!

Bake time – 20mins
Prep time – roughly 5!

All you need is-
Muffin tin
Sliced deli meat (I used Black Forest Ham)
Spices (Seasoning salt, garlic salt and paprika for us)

Place the meat in the muffin tin and make it into a pocket, crack your egg into said pocket (I’m weird. I like to crack my eggs into a cup sitting on paper towel because I hate the egg mess touching my counter tops. Also this way if any shell gets away from me I can filter it out) and then sprinkle with your seasonings of choice!

Bake at 375• for 20 minutes and you will have a beautiful easy to grab and go meat wrapped egg! Store wherever your species traditionally stores things and you can have 12 breakfasts made in 25 minutes!

Few hints since mine are now out of the oven and in our bellies…

Make sure the meat is large enough that when you crack the egg into it the egg doesn’t run out of the meat “nest” you’ve placed it in.

Not needed but if the egg does run you’ll wish you had greased the pan a little bit.



3 thoughts on “Lunch with Lips – 25 minute breakfast

  1. Yum yum! Ive done something simmilar before which you can see on my blog here ( Ive never thought of adapting them for breakfast though….what a fab idea!!! And timesaving too as they can cook in the oven whilst you are getting ready! Thanks for sharing. Think I may try some with spinach and mushroom for my next breakfast on the go…..

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