Lightening has struck my brain…

(Does anyone get my little geeky references?)

I have an idea. A challenge of sorts. I think Logan would like it, although it might be a great cause of frustration for me personally.

A meal plan for a week/month/predetermined amount of time, where I do Julie/Julia style cooking for my family!!

I can already see this being either a complete and very nifty success or an utter, crying in the kitchen rolled up in a ball disaster. Personally I am, in no way shape or form a terribly experienced cook. Yes; I did attend the Art Institute of Vancouver for their culinary arts program, but that was almost ten years ago (REALLY???) now and I also was not able to finish my education due to supporting myself for that time. I do also LOVE to bake, and any regular reader of my blog can attest to my love of making cakes/cookies/baked goods. But baking and cooking are two different things. Lately I’ve felt the need to try new things, I’m stuck in a food rut and want to change the family’s eating habits so they are a lot healthier and I’m the Mom so it falls on my shoulders to take care of my family’s eating habits. If I make it, they will eat. I’m lucky; my husband isn’t picky even though he had the BEST personal chef growing up. Seriously my Mother In Law is the Polish Paula Dean.

As always I digress.

I am thinking for this personal challenge I find breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes on Pinterest and make them. No meals from the old memory bank, no food that wasn’t prepared off something I found…

You know what… Screw it! It’s official!

For the next 30 days I will only make Pinterest recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will blog about each meal made and how it turned out, preferably properly with photo’s and the link to the original pin. I will give myself one little caveat – I can sub ingredients in and make tweaks to the recipes as I see fit. If an ingredient is called for that my family doesn’t like/is allergic too I will make the choice to chop it or leave it.

This will not apply to Sunday Family dinner’s at the Mother in Laws house! Family tradition I sure am not breaking!

Wish me luck!!

I’m going to need it!!


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