Lunch with Lips Day One – Lunch

Day one – Lunch with Lips

Today’s lunch was a very good Black Forest Ham sandwich with bacon, cheese and some cheesy ranch!

Going into this blind I realize I will have to have these meals planned out a little better. I will not be planning them out weeks in advance because let’s face it… That is too much work for any lady/Mom! I want to keep this realistic, something anyone can try at home. That being said giving myself ten minutes before the husband gets home for lunch… Not a good idea. Thankfully the Pin I picked was a fairly easy one… More then a little on purpose.

Since I had a time crunch I did differ from the recipe a lot, improvising along the way. Me being me, my bacon was frozen as well as my bread! Off to a roaring start!!!

What you’ll need
Bacon (Two or more per sandwich)
Ranch dressing
Deli Meat (Black Forest Ham for us)

Now, since I was in a time crunch I completely went by gut and by golly, I read the lady’s recipe but everything went to hell before I even started so the step by step went buh bye and I made it with her guidance but didn’t strictly follow her instructions.

Since the bread was frozen I toasted that while I fried my bacon. Normally I prefer to bake it, I find it to be slightly healthier and less greasy but again, time crunch.

I assembled my ingredients as the bacon fried and the toast…toasted. Not having time to melt the cheese in my oven on broil (Won’t go into the fact that melting cheese in a traditional oven is a huge waste of energy) I just slapped that baby onto the bread as it came out of the toaster. It was warm enough to melt the cheese slightly, but in a stroke of genius? Noticing the bacon was fried to my family’s individual tastes (Hubs = crispy Me = Middle Babies…don’t care) I put that directly onto the cheese which helped to melt it slightly. The only reason I wanted it to be semi melted is for the mess. If a sandwich doesn’t stick together my kids rip it apart and devour it ingredient by ingredient. Cute. But messy.

Next I put a bit of the ranch dressing on the opposite side of the bread from the cheese and put the Black Forest ham on the bacon. On the hubs I put another layer of cheese and I wish I did that on all to make it a little more solid. The kids did pick apart the entire thing and ate it piece by piece, playing and tossing like toddlers do.

All in all it was delicious! It also helped me to work out some kinks in how I’m going to make this work for the next month!!!




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