Getting back to creative writing


She wasn’t up yet but she heard it.


What good was putting her phone on silent if she was so hard wired the vibrating sound of it on her nightstand woke her up? Grabbing the device meant simply to torture those wanting a few hours of privacy she snuggled under the covers and took a look.

“See you soon! Can’t wait!” The text read from her sister. Groaning she tossed the covers off.

“CRAP!” She yelled to the nearly empty room, frighting the cat into bolting from the bed. Having a mild temper tantrum helped a little bit. She had completely forgot Cleo was flying in today; worked a fourteen hour shift, and now just wanted to sleep. Her house was a mess, the spare bedroom full of all her equipment just tossed about and Cleo was a neat freak. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed she still didn’t go vertical. The floor was so damn cold… Maybe just ten more minutes…


“I’m starving! The food on the plane was horrible! You hungry?”

Well shit. Now she was completely screwed. She had nothing edible in the house for humans. If she didn’t stock up her chef sister would find the most expensive place in town to buy ‘quality’ ingredients and insist on cooking for her. Which would lead to said sister noticing she didn’t own more then one dollar store frying pan and pot.

“Shit. Nes. We are screwed.” The cat just stared. “It’s your fault… You should have reminded me.” Nes raised her eyebrow and sneezed at her indignantly. “Your no help… I’m calling in the troops.”

Half an hour later her assistant burst into the apartment in a flurry of excitement as usual.

“Anna?” The girl called trying not to drop the grocery bags.

“In here Stell.” I called from the spare room. By god as my witness I swore I would get at least this room perfect for Cleo.

“I got everything you guys will need for a week, you said you had nothing, so I assumed you had absolutely nothing and got spices, sauces and all that fancy crap.” Stella yelled from the kitchen, I could hear bags hitting the counter and knew she was getting the kitchen done, so all was well. I took a step back and looked at the room, all my equipment was put away, hidden from view. If she opened the repurposed closet and saw my dark room… That would be a different story. Everything was crammed inside, I had nothing developing since everything finished last night for the project.

“Did you take a look at the project today?” I called out.

“Stop. No work. Cleo will be here in ten minutes and NO WORK” Stella yelled. I cringed, knowing that was coming.

Walking into the kitchen my jaw dropped. In the few seconds it took her to get here and put the groceries Stella had cleaned the kitchen. The walnut cabinets sparkled, the granite counter tops as well. Nes was rubbing around her feet and I on a stack of bibles I would swear angels were singing.


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