I think I’m setting up my daughter to be a spoilt little one.

My entire life I have settled for things simply because, well, I’ve had to. Growing up my family was in no way wealthy, it’s pretty safe to say we were incredibly broke. My Mom was a young Mom who struggled and worked her fingers off to support the two of us, later in life she was the wife of a… He’s still my siblings father so I will leave it like that.

Growing up I got second hand toys, clothes, furniture etc. nothing we bought for me was new. When we did get something store bought for us it was a treat. I mean an insane treat.

When I was six years old my Mom had my sister, 18 months later my brother was born. I love my siblings more then words can describe. My Mom became single soon after my brother was born and having them so close together meant for us, Mom watched the Boy and I took care of Beara. It was a system that worked for us, I became a mini parent and loved it.

Growing up like that I always was taking care of my sister.


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