Wedding ideas

My baby is playing with a bag of diapers (Yes. My child is very odd.) and the little man is sleeping, so I am watching one of my very guilty pleasures… Wedding tv.

Recently I’ve started to have a ton of ideas of how I want my wedding to be, realistically. A lot of do it yourself, a lot of family based ideas, and, well… How do I put this… Cheap ideas. To me every cent we spend on a wedding is money taken away from the Padawan’s education, new house fund, life money really.

Needing somewhere to put these ideas I figured I’d start writing them down here!


Logan rides a street bike, a 2008 Yamaha BAMF. He loves his bike, I love his bike… It’s part of him and I actually had no idea he was a rider for years! I love me some machines… So seeing him on his bike… I’ll stop there… He’s shy. One of my pet peeves is seeing a wedding decked out in a super feminine colour where (I hope) the groom had nothing to do with it. Real men, I’m sorry, don’t wear pink unless its to show support for cancer. So we are going with –

Yamaha Blue and Silver
Stitched together with Pic Stitch

Table Ideas
My favorite idea for the tables is a complete original and I am very proud to say that!! Logan has a eight letter last name, so my idea for the table numbers are the letters in his last name!! Each letter would also have a little blurb about us.

For example-

“H” Logan and Em met playing Halo 3 on launch day through a mutual friend.

“U” … Okay… So I just thought of the H so far… One down seven more to go! (Logan and Em live in their own geeky, gaming Universe?
Logan is part Ukrainian while Em is part Norwegian?)

Logan’s family has deep roots in the community. The local Roman Catholic Church is the family church. It’s where he had his first Communion, where out daughter was baptized and many other special events. Neither of us are very religious but his Mom is, I asked her if she wanted the Padawan baptized out of respect for her and her own beliefs. It was absolutely no issue to me if she was or wasn’t, but to my MIL it meant a lot so why not?
That’s also why we would get married in the church. It’s a beautiful place, the Father is a very nice man (who speaks Polish!) and did I mention how GORGEOUS it is inside?

That’s about it for venue… I do have an idea of what hall I would want to rent for the party, but it’s the only real local place so everyone gets married there and… Well… I simply don’t like that.

Everything else is a blur. I love the whimsical weddings, but love the modern style… Yet vintage is my all time favorite… But a 50’s style rock a billy or geek chic… Crap…


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