Home made beauty products

Everyone knows by now, I hope, that I’m crafty.

For a trade show I’m doing tomorrow I had to hurry; my cat destroyed the bags I sewed up (I’m absolutely freaking out) and I was lost.

Weird thing is, I have always wanted to make my own beauty products and actually know how to make almost everything we buy.

I know how to make shaving creme, lip gloss, lip balm, lip scrubs, shampoo and hair oil. To be honest if its a beauty product I know how to make it. I can even make tooth paste. It’s all super, super easy but it takes more time to make them all then it does to drive to the store and buy it all.

What I ended up deciding to do for this trade show (My girl friend is already doing truffles and AMAZING food) is lip gloss! It’s 100% natural, no petroleum by products and just… Amazing.

After the show
Well, the market was fantastic! Even with my issues and last minute product swap I had honestly too much fun and cannot wait until the Yule show in December when I am way better prepared! This was Cold Lipstick’s Garden‘s second trade show and a smashing success. For me bringing out the things I have made myself is scarier then being at a trade show with my other company. With CLG every product is my baby so when people stick their nose up or dismiss it all it cuts to the bone and feels like a personal dismissal.



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