Self employed irony

As I have mentioned, Cold Lipstick’s Garden (or CLG) is a fairly fledgling little business.
I have been operating for just over a year online and locally but this summer marked my first test run into trade shows (Success and failure, I was in charge of the show so I was very rarely at my own table. My Mom covered it for me but she didn’t have the understanding of my product like I do. Made a lot of sales but not as many as I would have liked) and this weekend I did the amazing event put on by Monique Cast and Phunky Phrog.

When I did the first show I had people check out my things, see the skulls on some of them and literally put back what they had been holding and walk away. One man did even go as far as stating the skulls ruined all the products for him. That day I only had ties and one of my diaper and wipes bags with skulls, the wipes bag being my own personal one to show off the different custom bags I can make. I only bought the fabric because it matched my purse my lovely husband bought me at the motorcycle show! Sure, I love skulls and all things dark but I understand not many others will share my love so most of my stuff is made with WAH-BAM bright colors cute for kids.

This event… I had a couple walk up, pick out a flower they liked and then saw the skulls, they actually asked me if I brought my glue gun and if I could whip them up a custom. The idiot I am, I had looked and decided against bringing it with me thinking I wouldn’t have any down time to create while at the show.

It just goes to show that my home town with its ten churches per square foot has a different market then I am used to, or that normal places have. In the big city and the particular event I was at I could have probably sold every item on my table if it had a skull on it.

So when at a trade fair, craft show, what have you make sure to do your homework!

If I had gone in with my original product line I could have been set; but since I had issues and brought more of a back up stock I didn’t do as well as I would have hoped.

But I did get some funky new tights!!!



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