Imitation = flattery?

This morning I got three phone calls and a message about someone copying my designs for Cold Lipstick’s Garden this has happened before, once, and I sucked it up knowing the person was far away from me, and really I was just starting out so it didn’t bother me as much.

Now that I have put a lot of time and energy into the composition of my flowers, nit picking every single detail because, well, I’m like that. I don’t want to put my name on something, even to give it away, if it doesn’t meet the standards I would put on something I bought for my Padawan. Now that I have put what sometimes feels like my very soul into my company I take pride…. And great offense to people copying my designs.


Idiot. Pure lunacy…

I’m an idiot. Pure and simple. Completely bloody crazy.

Not only am I thinking of taking on another kiddo but I also am planning a massive trade show in March before Easter.

F. Emphatically F’d.

Why do I do these things??? I already have 12 tables sold, not bad for first twenty minutes of planning, but still… Ack.

My husbands going to kill me.

Oh yeah. Instead of working on that I’m blogging. I’m screwed in the head.

Need more hours in the day…

I have such grandiose plans, ideas that just come together in my mind and I see them clear as day. Fully realized dreams just inches out of reach all that is stopping me is time… And motivation.

I always end up halfway done when the project, whatever it is, looses my attention. Currently underway I have more then a few projects going. Ranging from business related crafts to renovations not even started. Sometimes, like the reno, I lose interest BEFORE the project is even started. If I do the bathroom, then I have to spruce up the rest of the floor since it would look off balance; in my eyes at least. I will sit on Pinterest or the web in general looking up tons of ideas, planning it all out… But the actual process of starting the reno…well…

My vision for the bathroom since it is only a half bath is to paint the walls, add some stenciling around the mirror and maybe put some moulding around the mirror to make it look fancy. In a perfect world I could figure out how to paint the laminate counter top and cabinet, maybe polish up the floor… The room itself is probably smaller then my couch, so it’s a good place to start out my very first home reno. Having full okay from the husband to do whatever the heck I like is dangerous. It’s almost like he knew that was going to happen. I’d get creatively overloaded and the project would stall.
…my husband possibly is an evil mastermind…

Scratch that, not possibly, I know he is.

I don’t have any trade shows coming up, as much as I would like to have an entire month booked solid… It’s just not working. I can’t function off no days off, having a full time job as a day care provider and a, well, frankly full time job as a small business owner… Gah. I’m lucky my job allows me to stay home with the Padawan or it feels like she’d never see me.

Wedding planning has gone slightly out the window, while I want to make sure it’s done my way I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Since Baba has stopped mentioning it I have as well, hoping she’ll find something else to get attached to.

I was going to do Lunch with Lips, but frankly watching 3+ toddlers, blogging and cooking gets a little… Difficult.

Helping a friend with his live streaming… playing new games…

Screen plays…

And I haven’t even started anything for Christmas yet.