Mother in law day?

Checking on my twitter I noticed a tweet by one of my favorite bloggers Mama Scientist and took a look.

Apparently Oct 28th was Mother In Law day, something I had no idea about! My MIL is a handful, she has no limits and loves to help out in her own way. Some days I’ve seriously thought about strangling her, but I honestly don’t know how I’d live without her. She’s one of my closest friends, confidant, helper, she’s everything in my life. Without her I’d be a giant mess, not even a hot mess, just a mess.

We’ll just call her Baba, and if I didn’t have Baba to help me out somedays I don’t think I’d survive!! Between the kids and cleaning and just life in general that amazing woman bails me out of everything. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed I call her and she comes over to help. If its just sitting with the kids and keeping them occupied or helping me clean some stuff or organize… That lady is an Angel sent from heaven above.

However. Like I said sometimes I do feel like I could scream. When she randomly shows up to clean a closet, or wants to wash the floors when the little man who crawls is here… Comments she has no filter for… Which is actually something I’m happy she feels comfortable with, her making the comment means she is comfortable enough with me to tell it like it is and not sugar coat anything. Sometimes a good sugar coating would be nice, but what can you do.

When she calls me up to tell me she’s worried about me dieting, that I don’t need to, I’m beautiful and should only care about what’s inside… I love it! I know she means it with every bone in her body. It makes up for the big tummy comments she’s made as a joke.

We are on completely opposite ends of the scale in some matters, yet in others we joke Logan is just marrying a younger version of his Mama. She understands everything I talk to her about, and if she doesn’t actually get it she always makes the effort to.

Like every daughter in law and mother in law we have our ups and downs, but mainly up’s. The battles we duked it out over have been very minor. From views on feeding kids (I’m a breast is best if you can, she thinks I was starving my 25lbs 6 month old) to cutting my daughters hair and mangling it in my opinion, we have very thoughts regarding life. It works for us, and she helps me think of things in a different light, and I hope I do the same for her.

I will always go out of my way to make sure that lovely lady is happy with all aspects of life. She’s getting older and her mobility is starting to go, but I would rather her move in with us (wont happen) or move in with her to help out then ever have her move into a home or anywhere else. She’s not just Logan’s Mom and the Padawan’s Baba… She’s my Mom too. We might tick each other off, we might not see eye to eye on some things but I owe this lady more then I could ever repay her. She raised her son to be my Prince Charming, between her and her husband they created the perfect man and I swear he was made just for me. I want to finish this thought… But I don’t know if Logan would like it.

I swear that man was put on this Earth not only for me, but for his Mom and Dad, the day he was brought home to them he completed their lives. The day he walked into mine he changed my life forever, and he helped me to create the most beautiful baby girl in existence. Without him my life would be drab, dreary and… Pretty close to not worth living.



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