Random Short story

“Huh. She hasn’t been around for awhile.” He said to himself, muttering into the frozen night. He brought the binoculars back up and watched the woman unhinge her bra from behind. She took it off then ran her fingers through her long brown hair rubbing her eyes. She did a face plant onto the bed, pulled the covers up… Then finally seemed to remember about the window. He ducked down, hiding behind the wood planks sitting in the middle of the construction site he was using for cover. The blinds went shut, lights went out and he imagined, she to sleep.

He, was a people watcher. Not a peeping Tom he always thought, he wasn’t interested in watching people have sex, he simply liked to watch people. During the day he would sit at parks and pretend to read a newspaper, or just sit and take in the scenery. Not focusing in made it okay to look without hiding, people seemed to be okay with just being on display for a short period of time. Generally speaking that is. He’d sometimes just watch that second in time, just a tiny fragment of someone else’s life.

At work he was always thrust into nightmarish moments of others lives.


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