Small businesses in a big pond

Trade show etiquette

While some of these fall into then category of unwritten rules, many people surprising don’t know these.
Others are simply hints, ideas that make life a lot easier inspired by having the absolute pleasure of working with a fantastic group of people.

Best way to make everything straight across the board is to put together in a common pool the same amount of stock, then an equal amount of a float in. If you need more product, pool more together until you run out.

Dress for your show. If your working a Taboo Show, dress for it. If your working a woman’s show, make sure to reflect that. Know your audience, do your homework.

Be consistent with your pricing and sales.

Save the big blow out pricing for your last day.

Treat every day as the first day of your show. Fresh event, no sales, no resting. Treat every day like it is your first and you haven’t done a thing yet. It’ll help keep your energy up and not allow you to rest on your laurels.

When working the show floor designate spots to people to avoid people stepping on each other on the way to a customer. Same pool, sales shared, so there should be no sense of competitiveness between reps. One Mission, One Team

Have a bottom price agreed upon by all members of the team. No one gets over voted, again, One Mission, One Team

Split everything exactly down the middle. From supplying contest prizes to every single other aspect of the show. Parking, food and other personal purchases obviously exempt.

Depending on the show size there should never be only one person at the booth. Two working, speaking people at a time.

Never walk away from a customer.

Never interrupt a co-worker unless its them including you for your own personal history with the product.

Never eat at your booth, sit at your booth, or… To put it bluntly show human actions at your booth. Practice what you preach.

Respect the wishes of the person who booked the booth. Check with them before bringing others on board, as well as before changing the pricing on product. Remember. Consistency!

Stay in your area, you have paid for that real estate and some event people can be very anal!

Respect your other vendors and make nice! I usually give other vendors a special price on the product if they want to test it out, or give someone a free sample and send customers over to ask about the products for a personal, non biased opinion!

Of course this is more written for people working under my banner, but it’s a good read if your in your own home bases business!


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