A Crafters OCD

Tonight I was trying to get some orders filled and came across the problem of drying time. Recently I have switched from hot glue to Weldbond, after finding E6000 just didn’t live up to my expectations or requirements.

The order is for a dear friend of mine and I was making her daughter pigtail sets! Cuter then cute if I do say so myself…

Cold Lipstick's Garden

I have noticed lately some of the hot glue just doesn’t finish in the perfect professional way I would like it to. It doesn’t lay flat if your not careful and although my fingers are weathered enough to withstand even the worst drip glue burns, I like to try and avoid them.

The E6000 maybe I was using it on the wrong material so I haven’t given up on it just yet. When I have time to make bottle cap images I will use it to test it out once more.

This Weldbond however, works like a charm. The only downside is the drying time. As I create flowers from nothing but petals the glue slides around slightly if your not careful, and it does take awhile to set before you can affix the flower to the clip. If there isn’t a clip on it… Then it’s useless. In my personal opinion. I haven’t really tried a larger flower with it to a clip, but when it’s on, it’s on. It dries completely nearly invisible which is why I love using it to bedazzle different things. (I tried using E6000 and besides burning the dollar store bling I was practicing on, it didn’t stick.)
Test run with bedazzling

I tested out the different glues on the same items using my Mom’s lighter when she came to visit. Lucky lady hasn’t had it bic’d yet!

I’m trying to think of a way to speed up the drying process, all I can think of is a heat lamp since I wouldn’t want to have a hair dryer blowing on the petals moving the glue around.

Since drying time is my little quirk you’d think crazy glue would be the ticket, but that glue is…well…crazy. It scares me as I have lost more skin to it then probably humanly possible. If I don’t have any finger prints that would be why. It also drys gritty, is unstable and doesn’t hold as well as one would imagine.

I do like the heat lamp idea. However I wouldn’t want to risk damaging anything by heating up the sparkles, glitter, or fabric. Would it have some crazy science experiment gas come off and kill me where I stood? Probably not but I am a _____ and our family has the WORST (or best depending on how you look at it) bad luck. If something is going to happen… It’ll happen to us. Recently my Mom made a smart ass comment, I stopped and quite seriously told her to knock on wood because we are _____’s and we can’t tempt fate like that.

As usual I go completely off topic… But if anyone has any glue related ideas let me know!!!


2 thoughts on “A Crafters OCD

  1. Crazy glue is scary!!!! I always avoid it when I can.

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