Writing Prompt – Set it to rights

Daily Prompt: Set It To Rights

Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today.

I tend to let a lot of things slide and end up stewing about it later. Sometimes it feels like my husband pushes that just to see how far I’ll let something go, but he’s in for a surprise when one day I verbally take his head off his body.

I have made so many concessions lately I can’t even pick one out. One I’ve thought a lot about is more of a dream case however, when Logan and I got pregnant we were living about four hours apart. I was driving up to see him every weekend so we could spend more time together. With my job I had more time then he did, my hours were much more flexible.

Sometimes I wish, that instead of moving up to him, he moved to me. While I won’t get into details, it made much more sense for me to go to him, and I do love it where we are. But sometimes I imagine how things would be if he came down. So here is my imagining of what it would have been like.


Logan moved to Cow Town in November of 2010 to be closer to me while we were pregnant. I had found a nice, two bedroom apartment to rent semi close to my parents house. We fell in love with the master bedroom’s bathroom, thinking since the rooms were the same size the baby could have the one with the bathroom to contain the sheer amount of baby stuff.


I can’t even continue because I know how silly it is. For us moving was the best thing possible. While I do wish I could have stayed in my old job…with my old friends, my own folks, in my own place I know how Logan would have felt being in the city. I tend to romanticize that period of time since I worked my butt off for PlayStation a job I loved more then anything. However I remember wishing it would end and praying to leave the city.



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